Bodykit for Model Y

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As the aerodynamic structure and protection of the car's interior, the body is one of the most important parts of your Tesla Model Y . The design of your body plays an important role in improving the handling of the electric car Tesla Model Y . To increase the performance and ride comfort of your Tesla Model Y , it is possible to add/replace certain parts to the body. On Green Drive, you can buy a body kit at a very good price to customize your Tesla Model Y .

The carbon spoiler for Tesla Model Y

The spoiler brings nervousness and a sporty design to your Tesla Model Y . Very aesthetic, the carbon spoiler allows to embellish the rear or front line of the electric car Model Y. The carbon spoiler also plays an important role in the aerodynamics of the electric vehicle. The carbon spoiler helps to manage the air movements on the bodywork to fluidify the phases of acceleration or braking.

Green Drive we propose you in its stock a spoiler kit for Tesla Model Y which will be installed very easily thanks to an adhesive. You have the choice between a rear spoiler/trunk spoiler and a front spoiler/front blade for Tesla Model Y . Our carbon spoilers are identical to the original spoilers fitted to the performance version of the vehicle.

The rear diffusers for Tesla Model Y

Always in the spirit of sport, consider replacing the diffuser of your Tesla Model Y by a matte black plastic diffuser. With the help of a specialized and competent professional, install this premium diffuser that gives an aggressive character to the rear of the body of your electric car. The sporty design achieved at the rear does not detract from the existing functionality of the Tesla Model Y (tow hook, hitch attachment, etc.).

The underbody for Tesla Model Y

This is an essential part of the body kit for Tesla Model Y . The rocker panels fit perfectly to your electric car by bringing a high-end design, aggressiveness and performance to the bodywork. Durable, resistant and high quality, our rocker panel kit for Tesla Model Y will give you satisfaction.

Also take advantage of our Paint Protect Film (PPF) which is a quality 3M Schotchgrad body covering kit. This pre-cut kit with an excellent quality-price ratio allows to protect the underbody of the Tesla Model Y from damages caused to the paint by rocks and abrasive projections.

The hood for Tesla Model Y

The body kit for Tesla Model Y can include an optional carbon hood that will complete the aggressive design of your electric car. In this regard, Green Drive offers the DarwinPro iMP-Performance carbon kit available for Tesla Model Y 2021-2022.

A wide range of accessories for the body kit Tesla Model Y

Buy your body kit for Tesla Model Y at Green Drive to benefit from exceptional quality materials at prices accessible to all budgets. In a few clicks, search, find and order your body parts on our site to be delivered as soon as possible. The products offered to constitute your body kit are not limited to those presented above.

You will find everything you need to bring performance and aesthetics to your bodywork. If some accessories are made of plastic, others are made of dry carbon fiber to enhance the look of the Tesla Model Y without making the car heavier. So don't hesitate to contact us to buy your body kit to customize your vehicle.