PPF Protection Film for Model Y

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The application of PPF (Paint Protection Film) on a car offers excellent protection against impacts, scratches, etc. At Green Drive, we offer pre-cut protective films for sale for Tesla Model Y to protect certain sensitive areas. Our PPF protection films for Tesla Model Y are of high quality and are available at the best price.

Our PPF films for an effective protection of your Tesla Model Y

Fourth model of the American manufacturer Tesla Motors, the Tesla Model Y is a design SUV, spacious and 100% electric. In order to keep this utility vehicle in an always new condition, the addition ofa PPF protection film is imperative. This is a transparent plastic film that adheres perfectly to the surface on which it is installed. PPF can be applied to the entire body of your car or only to certain parts such as the bumper, front end and headlights. The PPF film serves as a protection against damage caused by road and everyday debris (rubbing, gravel impacts, scratches, animal scratches, door dings...).

Thanks to its plastic construction, this transparent protective film absorbs the force of debris impacts. It also effectively protects the bodywork or components of your Tesla Model Y . To help you keep your car looking and feeling like new for years to come, Green Drive offers a selection of PPF films. Our PPF film suggestions will effectively protect your Tesla Model Y . Our PPF film for door corners will prevent the bodywork from being hit when opening the doors of your Tesla Model Y too quickly.

Our PPF matte protection film extends the life of your center console by protecting it from bumps and scratches. Our 3M Scotchgard PPF mini edition films will prevent rock chips and other debris from damaging the paint on the underbody of your Tesla Model Y . We also offer PPF films to protect your car's taillights, interior door sills and glove compartment Tesla Model Y .

High-end protective films for your Tesla Model Y

At Green Drive, we care about the quality of every car product we offer for sale in our online store. That's why we offer the best quality PPF film available on the market for the protection of your Tesla Model Y equipment. Each kit we offer is made with a high quality film that offers great resistance to damage. Our protective films for Model Y from Tesla are very easy to apply and have a long life span. They also come with installation tools such as a squeegee and sprayer.

If you have any difficulties in installing our PPF films, you can count on Green Drive. We will assist you with the perfect installation of the PPF film on your Tesla Model Y . Each product is sold at a very affordable price. In case of problems, an after-sales service is available to help you find a solution quickly. Our team will advise and assist you in your purchase of PPF protection film for your Tesla Model Y . You can benefit from a free delivery of your orders after a purchase of more than 150 EUR.