Carbon interior for Model Y

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To make your Tesla Model Y car comfortable and fun to drive every day, you can customize its interior. One of the most stylish options is carbon. Customizing the interior of your Tesla Model Y model with carbon will offer you a practical as well as aesthetic space. Green Drive offers you a range of quality accessories to customize the interior of your Tesla Model Y , all at an affordable price. Insert, steering wheel, console, ceiling light... You will find all the carbon fiber products you need.

An excellent carbon interior trim for your Tesla Model Y

We offer you a multitude of carbon parts to distinguish the interior of your electric car Tesla Model Y . These accessories offer an excellent quality-price ratio for an economical and long-lasting investment.

The dashboard

To give a sporty and aggressive character to your Tesla Model Y , choose our carbon fiber dashboard insert. This unique black piece will elegantly and completely cover the wooden dashboard of your Tesla Model Y . For your Tesla Model Y 2021-2022, we offer 3 variations of this dashboard insert in glossy black with clean lines. Customization is also possible for the center console of your Tesla Model Y .

Convenience boxes

Personalize your original steering wheel with our carbon inserts in matte black, glossy, red or forged finish. These are two slim and sturdy pieces that you will easily install in your electric car Tesla Model Y 2021-2022.

The steering wheel

The steering wheel is an essential component of the interior of your Tesla Model Y . We offer you elegant carbon inserts for the steering wheel and its arch. The carbon fiber steering wheel insert is available in 3 pieces in gloss, matte and forged finish. The carbon steering wheel arch Tesla Model Y is an exclusive product offered by Green Drive in the same finishes as above. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this product will easily fit between two seams on the top of the steering wheel offering a stylish and sporty edge.

The rear ventilation

Make the rear vents of your Tesla Model Y unique with our inserts available in forged, matte or glossy variants. These real carbon fiber shells add a real touch to the sporty interior of your electric car Tesla Model Y .

The door

Carbon lovers can personalize their door with black inserts for the buttons that are found on it. Carbon fiber shells are also available for the windows of your Tesla Model Y .

The ceiling light

Green Drive also offers a two-piece carbon light insert for the ceiling light. These original parts in matte or gloss finish give a unique sporty look to your Tesla Model Y 2021-2022.

Why choose the carbon option for the interior trim?

Carbon fiber is a material that offers the best performance in terms of lightness, strength and rigidity. Ten times stronger than steel, this exceptional material is mainly used in very high-end car models. Our accessories for Tesla Model Y are especially made of dry carbon. This carbon is stronger and more durable because the fiber is pressed under an autoclave press to remove air bubbles and impurities.

It is also more aesthetic and clean. Compared to "Wet Carbon", it is at least 65% lighter. Our carbon parts for Tesla Model Y are very easy to install: just put them on top of the original parts. You don't need to disassemble them, because the thinness of dry carbon allows an installation that gives a factory look. Do not hesitate to contact us to finalize your Tesla Model Y interior design project.