Carbon replacement dash and door inserts kit for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y


Replace your dashboard and door inserts with an all-carbon model

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

When adding carbon to the interior of your car, you can choose between different materials such as alcantara (Model 3 or Model Y), wood (Model 3or Model Y), covering (Model 3or Model Y) or carbon.

At GreenDrive we have chosen to specialize in carbon by forging links with partner factories to develop high-quality, sustainable carbon that we can guarantee over the long term.

In order to satisfy all requests, we try to create products adapted to all our customers. We already offer a range of carbon products to cover all interior parts.

In response to numerous customer requests, we're launching the replacement carbon dashboard and door inserts.

The advantage of replacement parts is the precision of the fit and the quality of the finish.

A replacement part will always be better positioned than an add-on.


Compatibility :

Attention for the moment this product is only compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y made in China.

To check your origin, look at the serial number and compare:

5JYxxxxxxxxx = USA 🇺🇸

LRWxxxxxxxx = China 🇨🇳

XP7xxxxxxxxx = Germany 🇩🇪


Parts are made from original parts Tesla. A perfect fit is guaranteed. All clips and brackets are located on the back of the product.