Interior trim for Model Y

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The interior of the Tesla Model Y cars resembles that of the Tesla Model 3 , from which the SUV is derived. The interior of the Y model is therefore minimalist and Tesla Model Y owners do not hesitate to add accessories to enhance their electric car. If you also want to add an extra touch of elegance to your Tesla Model Y , you are in the right place. Browse through our rich catalog of accessories for interior trim Tesla Model Y at attractive prices to enhance your electric car according to your desires.

Wide range of accessories for the interior of the Tesla Model Y

Add more elegance to your Tesla Model Y car by choosing various accessories with unique design and high quality. At Green Drive, interior trim products for Y models are offered in various materials to meet the expectations of our customers. You can choose from real wood, carbon, plastic or alcantara accessories. For the lining of your electric car, you can select products such as :

  • wood rear ventilation insert for Tesla Model Y ,
  • the center console in real wood, alcantara or carbon for Tesla Model Y ,
  • carbon interior door knobs for Tesla Model Y ,
  • the steering wheel insert in wood for Tesla Model Y ,
  • the dashboard insert in carbon or alcantara for Tesla Model Y ,
  • the rear screen carbon shell for Tesla Model Y ,
  • the carbon insert for the lower part of the steering wheel Tesla Model Y , etc.

There are many more interior trim products for Y models at Green Drive. Whether you prefer real wood, alcantara or carbon, we guarantee high quality products that combine aesthetics and durability.

Other discounted products for interior trim Tesla model Y

You can also find other plastic and aluminum accessories at affordable prices, such as plastic door panel insert for Tesla Model Y , aluminum pedals for Tesla Model Y , etc. All of these affordable products that we offer not only make your car look great, but also provide optimal protection against stains, scratches or other damage. Don't forget to purchase the appropriate 3D shaped mats from our store Tesla Model Y , front and rear trunk mats or seat covers for Tesla Model Y to protect the original parts. Order the individual parts on Green Drive or order all the accessories for the interior of your electric car in order to realize a total dressing.

Interior Tesla Model Y : optimize your storage

In addition to the performance and comfort of your car Tesla Model Y , you can rely on accessories that will optimize the storage of your belongings. Green Drive has a high-end selection of practical products for the interior of the Y model at affordable prices. These include the drink holder for Tesla Model Y , the door organizer and interior door protector, the center console organizer for Model Y and the armrest organizer. The purchase of a product for Tesla Model Y on Green Drive allows you to benefit from an accompaniment during the installation in case of difficulties of assembly. We also ensure a fast delivery in France and in many European countries. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Green Drive if you need additional information.