Performance improvement for Model Y

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The Tesla Model Y is one of the most satisfying electric cars on the market in terms of car performance. For conventional use, the Tesla Model Y electric car does very well. If you are a car tuner, it is possible to increase the performance of your Tesla Model Y to the maximum with the addition of some parts. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your electric car Tesla Model Y on the track or on the road, Green Drive offers various premium car accessories at very good prices.

Performance enhancement Tesla Model Y : handling

The Tesla Model Y benefits from a very low center of gravity which gives it an excellent handling, especially in tight turns. To optimize this performance element for your electric car, consider purchasing and installing our stabilizer bars, which are stiffer than the original bars. They improve driver comfort by providing better tire grip and steering precision for sporty driving. Replace the original anti-roll bars of your Tesla Model Y with our bars to increase the dynamism and performance of your electric car.

Purchasing an AST SUSPENSION short spring kit for Tesla Model Y is also a good idea to lower the car's center of gravity while negating the associated roll effect. You can replace the original springs with our ultimate AST SUSPENSION short spring kit to lower the ground clearance of your Tesla Model Y . These generic springs combine performance, low purchase price, strength and durability. Also consider purchasing our track wideners with active coolers for your electric car.

To optimize the car's performance, your driving comfort and the vehicle's stability, our track wideners are available in several widths: 5 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm or 25 mm. Other car accessories such as the suspension upgrade kit, front suspension arm sleeves or "threaded combination" suspensions are also available to optimize the performance of your electric car.

Performance Enhancement: Custom Lightweight Wheels

Available at the best price on our website, our rims for Tesla Model Y are custom forged from high quality aluminum. This makes them lighter with a very high stiffness coefficient. These rims reduce the phenomenon of deflection when cornering (the difference between the radii of the constrained and unconstrained tire). By making the vehicle's wheels lighter, our rims for Tesla Model Y optimize the transmission of engine forces during acceleration or braking. With our 15g-16g titanium nuts, our 4 rims weighing 9.3kg reduce the weight of the unsprung masses of your Tesla Model Y by more than 19kg.

Performance improvement Tesla Model Y : the braking

On your electric car Tesla Model Y , the braking capacity can be considerably increased thanks to our brake pads available in track and street version (respectively for urban road and for circuit). The brake pads improve the durability, the performance of the bearings and promote optimal milling of the pads of your Tesla Model Y . To contain the full speed power of your Tesla Model Y , consider purchasing our brake hoses DynoTec. These brake hoses stand up very well to repeated hard braking. Their exceptional design allows them to resist the excessive temperature rise of the brake fluid for the Tesla Model Y .

We recommend the purchase of our Motul RBF 700 DOT 4 brake fluid compatible with all brake systems (dry boiling point: 336°C). To optimize the braking system performance of your Tesla Model Y , choose also our high quality front and rear brake discs. These grooved discs for Tesla Model Y can be installed with OEM brake compatible wheels. The Tesla Model Y brake discs from Green Drive are made of anodized aluminum which promotes better cooling compared to the original brake discs.

To increase the performance of your Tesla Model Y , please contact us for the purchase of premium rims, springs and car accessories for brake at interesting prices.