Lighting, LED and multimedia for Model Y

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Most of the lighting systems of the Tesla Model Y are either too weak or not enough. Fortunately, there are several accessories to improve the LED lighting of this exceptional car. At Green Drive, the kits that we offer at the best price to equip the Tesla Model Y are tested, guaranteed by specialists. We deliver these products worldwide from France.

Accessories for the interior lighting of the Tesla Model Y

If you own a Tesla Model Y , you already know the importance of the interior lighting. So we suggest you to improve the lighting at the feet of the passengers in the front of your car with more colorful ambient lights. Each interior lighting kit is composed of two pieces that offer 5 color variations. The characteristics of this ambient lighting are identical to the original Tesla Model Y , but it works with a voltage of 12 V.

Our store also sells devices for adding LED lighting for passengers in the back. You don't have to pay attention to the connection of this system. Inside the Tesla Model Y , it is done directly on the ambient lights in the footwell of your Tesla Model Y .

Green Drive also offers you to optimize the interior lighting of the Tesla Model Y by adding a door projector. This car accessory projects an inscription (logo) on the ground each time you open the door. The price of this accessory compatible with your Tesla Model Y makes it a great option!

A wide collection of LED lights for the trunk of your car

In addition to the interior space, the trunk of the Tesla Model Y must be optimized and this requires good quality lighting. The interior trunk or door light that we sell is part of this logic. It is easy to install thanks to the extensions included in the delivery box. It also gives a brighter look to the interior of your car.

To enhance the LED lighting inside the trunk of your Tesla Model Y , we suggest using several replacement LEDs. You can do this with the kit we offer at an affordable price. You go from 1 LED light to 8 12V lighting systems.

You prefer variable lights to optimize the lighting of your Tesla Model Y ? Choose a RGB LED light kit! It is suitable for installation anywhere in your car, but we recommend this device for the trunk of the Tesla Model Y . It enhances the original lighting and helps you control the light on your display with a remote control.

Lighting kits for the exterior of the Tesla Model Y

With our LED lighting car accessories, you are sure to enhance the exterior design of your vehicle. The look of the Tesla Model Y is better with optimized headlights and a more powerful lighting system. We don't stop at this aspect to improve your driving experience on the road.

Opting for a front headlight insert allows you to redefine the lighting line of this electric car for a sporty and fine effect. This way you can give the turn signals of the Tesla Model Y a more aggressive look! Our F1 type anti-collision tail light kit combines design and visibility for electric vehicles. Designed for the rear lights of the Tesla Model Y , it is installed on both sides of the license plate.

At Green Drive, all our products work on the basis of Plug & Play. You can replace the original part by our kit without any electrical modification on your Tesla Model Y . You also benefit from the free delivery of your articles from 150 euros of purchase, whatever the products ordered on our store.