HUD head-up display LCD for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y


Discover our 5" LCD head-up display for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y . Enhance your driving experience with this innovative, easy-to-install solution compatible with RHD and LHD models. Enjoy a clear display, sleek design and automatic adjustment between day and night modes.

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    Product details

    Enhance your driving experience with our 5-inch LCD head-up display for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Designed to fit seamlessly into your vehicle, this screen provides a clear, precise display of essential information, directly behind the steering wheel. With an elegant design echoing that of the original, it blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of your vehicle Tesla.

    Quick and easy installation:

    Our HUD heads-up display LCD is designed to replace the plastic part covering the back of the steering wheel, and plugs directly into the socket on the driver's side door pillar for power, and into the socket on the passenger's side door pillar for driving information. Installation is quick and easy, and requires no modification to your vehicle.

    RHD and LHD compatibility :

    Whether you have a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with right-hand drive (RHD) or left-hand drive (LHD), our LCD head-up display HUD is compatible with both configurations. So you can benefit from this accessory whatever your vehicle model.

    Automatic night and day mode :

    To ensure optimum visibility in all conditions, the HUD heads-up display automatically adjusts brightness between night and day modes. So you don't have to worry about changing settings according to outside light conditions.

    Easy update via Type-C port :

    The LCD heads-up display HUD is equipped with an integrated Type-C port, enabling easy software upgrades via USB key. So you can benefit from the latest features and enhancements without having to replace the whole unit.

    Integration of a parameter table by pushing the right-hand steering wheel knob to the right for 3 seconds: