S3XY" Enhance buttons - quick, intelligent access for Tesla

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The "S3XY" buttons have been created to allow quicker access to the car's features that are only accessible through the screen, but they also allow you to add options depending on the version of the car.

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  • Product details

    GEN 1

    • Choose from over 100 shortcuts
    • Limited-style dashboard
    • Cloud functionality [avec achat in-app]
    • Physical click buttons

    GEN 2 (NEW)

    • Faster response times
    • Advanced dashboard functionalities
    • Cloud features included
    • Tactile click when pressed

    The "S3XY" buttons have been designed to provide quicker access to car functions that can only be accessed via the display, and also to add options depending on the car version. Cable not included.

    The "commander" box opens access to the Dashboard application, which enables the addition of numerous features!

    Vehicles supported :

    - Tesla Model 3 from 2019 to today.

    - Tesla Model Y from 2019 to today.

    - Tesla Model 3 Higland.

    - Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X from 2021 to today.

    Product variants:

    - Set of 2 additional white AND black buttons (No cable, no box)
    - Set of 4 white AND black buttons (No cable, with The Commander box).

    Examples of quick actions available:

    - Opening the glove box.
    - Changing the acceleration mode.
    - Setting the regenerative braking percentage to 0%, 25%, 50% or 100%.
    - Music control: changing music, volume management.
    - Opening, closing, unlocking the charging port.
    - Opening the trunks.
    - Quickly closing the exterior mirrors.

    Full list of functions here

    Dashboard mobile application:

    Features :

    Bluetooth 5.0
    Low-power mode
    Custom encryption
    Long-life battery (2 years)
    Battery type (CR2032)
    Range 10m
    Standards: FCC, CE, R

    Installation guide :

    It only takes 5 minutes to install the COMMANDER + 5 minutes to configure the buttons.
    No tools or special skills required
    Non-invasive configuration
    Easy to remove at any time

    Installation steps :

    1. Move the driver's seat all the way forward

    2. Switch off your vehicle from the main screen

    3. Remove the plastic cover from the rear of the center console

    4. Connect our cable between the two vehicle connectors

    5. Replace the plastic cover and enjoy!

    Installation guide for Tesla Model 3 / Tesla Model Y :

    Installation on Tesla Model Y (made in Germany with structural battery) with missing ODB plug under rear vent:


    Installation guide on Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X from 2021 :

    How to change the button battery :



    • Compatibility Tesla Model 3 2019-2020
      Tesla Model 3 2021-2023
      Tesla Model 3 2024+ (from October 2023)
      Tesla Model S 2021 +
      Tesla Model X 2021 +
      Tesla Model Y 2021-2023

    Specific references

    • ean13: 3800501858271
    • UPC: 463167

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