Mudguards for Model Y

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Maintaining a car necessarily involves protecting the bodywork against possible attacks from the outside environment. For your car Tesla Model Y , the purchase of efficient mudguards is judicious in this sense. The mudguards reduce considerably the impacts on the underbody of your electric car. Green Drive proposes the sale and the delivery of your mudguards at interesting price for the optimal protection of your Tesla Model Y .

Why buy mudguards for Tesla Model Y ?

The main advantage of these parts placed at the wheels of your electric car is the protection against mud projections. The mudguards prevent splashes and projections, whether it is mud, leaves, twigs, sand, water, ice or gravel on the body of the Tesla Model Y . At very high speeds, these sprays are capable of scratching your bodywork. They can also cause severe stains that will not completely disappear, despite several professional washes.

If you own a Tesla Model Y , mudguards are a must have for your electric vehicle. By design, the undercarriage of the Tesla Model Y has significant exposure to various splashes. Many automotive experts also point out the fragility of the original paint applied by Tesla on this model. To enhance the protection of your electric vehicle's body Tesla Model Y while driving, consider purchasing our ergonomically designed mudguards offered at an attractive price. This will save you the expense of repairing paint-related body defects. The factory colors used for this purpose usually have a rather high purchase price.

Our high-quality plastic mudguards are custom-made to perfectly match your Tesla Model Y model. These pieces feature a slim, ergonomic and elegant design to provide a discreet looking factory installation on the wheels of your electric vehicle. You are sure not to distort the lines of your model Tesla Model Y . Our pack for Tesla Model X includes 4 Muds Flaps and 7 Clips that you can easily mount without drilling.

Green Drive we also offer you EVMudflaps

While keeping the same efficiency, some of our mudflaps for Tesla Model Y are available in medium size. This format is particularly adapted to gravelly or salted routes. These mudflaps are also recommended for winter rides. These parts are made of high density polyethylene which gives very good results in terms of stability, durability, flexibility and impact resistance. EvMudflaps for Tesla Model Y are Direct-Fit, which means that they are pre-drilled to be easily placed at the factory plastic pins of your electric car.

If you are having trouble mounting your electric car mudflaps Tesla Model Y , please contact our customer service department. Our team will be happy to help you with the efficient and secure installation of your accessories. These rigid mudguards are essential for the protection of the doors, fenders and rear bumpers of the Tesla Model Y against projections of material. Contact our store to purchase the premium quality custom made mudguards for your electric car Tesla Model Y .

We ensure fast and reliable delivery for your complete satisfaction. You can return the mudguards for Tesla Model Y for 30 days free of charge if you are not satisfied. This is a guarantee based on the unwavering confidence we have in our custom fenders for Tesla Model Y .