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You want to change the color or camouflage the original coating of your electric car Tesla Model Y ? Green Drive offers you high quality dry carbon parts available at attractive prices.

Choose our dry carbon parts to customize Tesla Model Y

Dry carbon is one of the processes used to manufacture the customization accessories that Green Drive offers for electric vehicles Tesla, including Model Y. Carbon fiber is passed through a high-pressure autoclave press under high temperature. The result is stabilized carbon that is stronger and free of impurities. This ensures a better longevity to our accessories. The use of carbon to manufacture our products allows to change the original aspect of your car with an excellent rendering. It is therefore an excellent solution for customizing your car Tesla Model Y . In addition to disguising the original facade of the car, it gives it a sporty style.

Moreover, our carbon parts for Tesla Model Y are manufactured according to strict specifications. They are then checked and controlled by our specialists before being stored and shipped. Unlike other parts on the market, those from Green Drive will not yellow or crack. We also offer a 2 year warranty on our carbon accessories for Tesla Model Y .

A wide range of carbon accessories for Tesla Model Y

If you want to camouflage the original upholstery of your car Tesla Model Y and add your own personal touch, Green Drive offers a wide range of carbon accessories. We propose in particular the dashboard, the spoiler, the central console, the steering wheel, the door inserts, the mirror caps..

Carbon spoilers for Tesla Model Y

They are available in two models: the carbon rear spoilers CMST and Performance for Tesla Model Y . The carbon rear spoiler CMST allows maximum customization. It can be delivered anywhere in the world from France. As for the Performance spoiler, it is almost identical to the original one for Tesla Model Y Performance. Also manufactured using the dry carbon process, you can easily install it yourself. Indeed, it is installed directly on the trunk of your electric car Tesla Model Y thanks to the 3 meters adhesive tape that is provided with the purchase.

It should be noted that the adhesive kit is applied exclusively to the gluing area. You should therefore avoid using it for cleaning. In case of difficulties for the installation of your carbon spoiler for Tesla Model Y , our teams can help you. Less expensive than the first model, the Performance spoiler is available at Green Drive at an attractive price.

The front carbon blades CMST for Tesla Model Y

The carbon blades of the brand CMST are made to fit the original models. This body kit is an advanced customization and is compatible with all Tesla Model Y 2021-2022 cars. We also offer carbon rear cup holder inserts for your electric car Tesla Model Y . Available in two variants: glossy and matte, they are sublime and extremely thin. The accessory is installed after a thorough cleaning of the area.

Don't hesitate to discover the carbon parts offered on our site at good prices in order to personalize your car Tesla Model Y to the maximum. In addition to the relatively affordable prices we offer, you benefit from a fast and free home delivery service for a basket of at least 150 eur.