Phone holder and charger for Model Y

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The car phone holder is now an essential accessory for many people who want to use their cell phone safely while driving. For Tesla Model Y , Green Drive now offers its customers an expanded catalog of cell phone or tablet holders at attractive prices. Model Y On our site, you will undoubtedly find the ideal phone holder for Tesla to securely fix your accessory within reach during all your trips.

Why choose a phone holder Tesla Model Y ?

The phone or tablet holder for Tesla Model Y meets the needs of using these connected objects, especially when you are in traffic. During some journeys on board your Tesla Model Y , you may need to access the GPS on the phone, check an urgent email or listen to music. The phone holder for Tesla Model Y is to be purchased from our store if you are for example an influencer on social networks. You will be able to stabilize your phone with the phone holder for Tesla Model Y to take videos or pictures from inside the vehicle.

To make phone calls without taking your eyes off the road, equip your Tesla Model Y with a suitable car mount. Our phone holder for Tesla Model Y is easy to attach with its clip. To take advantage of the functionalities of your tablet or your phone, various mountings exist. For the Tesla Model Y , we find in particular the headrest phone support, the dashboard support, the phone support for steering wheel, the windshield suction cup support or the air vent phone support.

Whether it is a clip, a suction cup or an adhesive part, the part of fixation to the vehicle is cleverly designed to perfectly fit the shape of the part to be equipped. Our phone holders are 100% compatible with the specific design of the parts on which they are installed in the Tesla Model Y . To ensure that your phone does not run out of battery, the phone mounts for Tesla Model Y offer the possibility of wireless or wired charging.

Find the perfect phone holder for Tesla Model Y

Green Drive diversifies its offer in terms of phone or tablet holder to suit everyone's needs. To secure your driving, but also the handling of your phone while driving, we currently offer 3 main models of phone holder Tesla Model Y . Discover our phone holder for Tesla Model Y which can be installed behind the central screen or on the dashboard. Made of plastic, this first model of support for Tesla Model Y has two superconducting magnets that stick behind your phone without any magnetic field disturbance. You will be able to charge your phone or tablet easily thanks to the wireless charging.

We also offer a steering wheel integrated phone holder with charger for Tesla Model Y . Fitting behind the steering wheel, this holder with charger is ideal for wireless charging of your Android or iPhone. This mount with charger for Tesla Model Y offers wireless charging compatibility for QI certified phones. You can also opt for our front seat back tablet and phone holders in your electric car Tesla Model Y . Rear seat passengers can use it to safely handle their smartphones or tablets for entertainment.

Most screen sizes are covered. Every phone holder we sell incorporates the highest quality workmanship for durability and effectiveness. Our prices are also defined to offer you the best quality accessories possible without breaking the bank. Contact us for the purchase and home delivery of the electric car phone holder Tesla Model Y that suits your needs.