Steering wheel mounted phone holder with charger and display for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y


An advanced and updated version of our steering wheel phone holder. Add a simple, uncluttered display for key driving information to your Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

The must-have phone holder gets an update with an all-in-one display and QI wireless charging for perfect visibility

Adding a wireless charging system for your cell phone to your car, this handy holder allows you to place your phone directly behind the steering wheel for perfect visibility and charging while you're doing so

In addition to charging, this new phone holder integrates an OLED screen to display all the most important information while driving.

The recharge is certified QI (charging technology standard), therefore all compatible phones are compatible QI are compatible

The charging can reach a maximum power of 15W (fast charging).

The design is the same as the original with a gray / aluminum color to fit perfectly into the design of the interior of your Tesla

The installation is simple, the part behind the steering wheel comes as a replacement and the connection is made on the speaker socket in the driver's door post

Phones with thin, non-metallic cases are compatible, beware of thick or metal phone shells




Linked to the brightness of the center screen

Screen Off

The screen turns off when the charger is returned

Real-time synchronization

- Compatible with all original car information displays

- Current speed display (KM/H or MPH)

- Battery usage

- Front trunk status: open/close

- Front left door status: open/close

- Front right door status: open/close

- Left rear door status: open/close

- Right rear door status: open/close

- Left turn signal/right turn signal

- High beam/position light/low beam Indicator

- Speed display

- Handbrake reminder

- Seat belt indicator


Compatibility: Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y regardless of generation.

Simple installation

Installation instructions


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