Protection and maintenance of your Model Y

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After buying your Tesla Model Y , one of the most important things you should take care of is the maintenance of your electric car. You should use the right accessories to protect the equipment of your Tesla Model Y against damages caused by the daily use of the car. For the protection of the trunk, rims, seats, ventilation grille or even the central screen, Green Drive has the best car accessories in stock.

Wheel protection from Tesla Model Y

Your electric car Tesla Model Y will be a pleasure to drive if it is well maintained inside as well as outside. You will also be proud to present it to your loved ones. For the Tesla Model Y 2021-2022, we offer you in our stock plastic protection inserts to put on the rims of the car with an adhesive. Your rims are thus protected from possible scratches and accidental rubbing that mar the overall aesthetics of the electric car. Available at a good price, the rim protection of Tesla Model Y is available from 19 inches to 22 inches.

Tesla Model Y our center screen protection

This is a protective glass that effectively resists accidental violent shocks and scratches to the central screen of the Tesla Model Y . Made of reinforced tempered glass, our protective glass for the central screen of Tesla Model Y will perfectly preserve the original touch side of your screen. This value for money product is available in our stock in matte or glossy finish.

Our bench protection for Tesla Model Y

For your Tesla Model Y , consider purchasing a rear seat protector to keep your seats intact, especially if you are transporting animals. Your back seats won't be damaged, as our Oxford fabric protector is waterproof, anti-bite and anti-scratch. Installing this affordable car accessory to protect your seats is quick and easy.

Tesla Model Y our trunk sill protector

Buy our trunk sill protection insert that installs easily on the original part of the Tesla Model Y . Since the trunk is often heavily used, the risk of scratches or violent blows to the trunk sill is very high. Our trunk sill insert from Tesla Model Y is strong and durable, as it is made of PVC. It will keep the charm of the back of your Tesla Model Y for a long time.

Our key protection for Tesla Model Y

For your Tesla Model Y 2021-2022, you can use one of our aluminum key protectors with a hard plastic shell inside. This very resistant and practical car accessory will often prevent you from dropping the car key. Available at an attractive price, it is also a very effective protection against dust and shocks.

Our protection for the air inlets on the Tesla Model Y

You can choose the protective grille made of ABS plastic that will effectively prevent debris and dirt from getting lodged between the battery and the floor. You will avoid the very expensive disassembly of the battery by Tesla to unclog your vent. We also offer a protective air intake grille for the front trunk of your Tesla Model Y .

It is easily installed to prevent the passage of large trash without depriving the interior space of air. You can also choose our rear trunk divider for Tesla Model Y . It is a sturdy steel auto accessory that cleverly separates the rear trunk from the passenger compartment, allowing only air to circulate.

Green Drive optimize the maintenance of your Tesla Model Y

For the protection and maintenance of your vehicle, you can trust the impeccable quality of the accessories offered by our online store. Our prices are reasonable, so that the maintenance of your vehicle is as inexpensive as possible. In addition to wheel, air intake and trunk sill protectors, you can also discover our premium quality windshield wipers. Our air-conditioning filters can also clean up the interior if necessary. Contact us to keep your Tesla Model Y clean and attractive for a long time.