Windshield wipers for Tesla Model Y


Premium wipers for Tesla Model Y . Specially developed by GreenDrive, they provide superior performance and extended life.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

The wipers that come with the original Tesla are often of average quality and have a limited lifespan before they start to wipe poorly.

GreenDrive we suggest you to change or simply to improve your visibility, to switch to the premium range specially tested and approved by us, in order to enjoy new quality and durable wipers

This model, specially designed for Tesla Model Y , provides perfect compatibility and increased efficiency.

For your information, Tesla we recommend one change per year for maximum efficiency.

Simple installation: to replace the wiper blades:

- Switch to P (Park) mode

- Press "Controls" then "Maintenance" and finally activate the "Wiper Maintenance Mode

- Lift the wiper slightly, just enough to access the blade.

- Caution: The wiper blades do not lock in the raised position. Do not raise the wiper beyond its intended position.

- Place a cloth under the wiper arm to prevent scratching or cracking the windshield should the arm suddenly fold down.

- Hold the wiper arm and press the locking tab while sliding the blade along the arm.

- Align the new blade with the wiper arm and slide it toward the hook end on the arm until it snaps into place.

- Carefully replace the wipers against the windshield.

- Turn off the Wiper Maintenance Mode to return the wipers to their normal position.

Material: plastic and iron

Quantity: Pack of two front windshield wipers Tesla Model Y

Brand: GreenDrive

Be careful to remove the plastic part that serves as a protection before installation.

Here is the picture below

Essuie-glaces - Tesla Model 3

We can assist you if you have difficulties of assembly!


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