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The tires of your electric car Tesla Mode 3 require careful maintenance because they perform several important functions. They also need to be replaced when necessary because they provide good braking, optimal handling and real driving comfort. At Green Drive, we provide different tires at affordable prices. They are perfectly compatible with the electric car Tesla Model 3 . If you find that your car needs a change of wheels, you will certainly find the right tire for your car.

Tires of different brands

Because we care about the performance of your Tesla Model 3 , we provide you with tires from the most famous tire factories. For the maintenance of your electric car, you will find in our store at the best price tires of brands such as Michelin, Hankook, Pirelli, Nokian... These brands offer different wheel sizes that have an indisputable durability. For your Tesla Model 3 , you can opt for tires from 18 to 20 inches, designed for city driving or for sports fun.

In addition to tires designed for cars Tesla, these brands also offer generic models. They are perfectly compatible with electric cars in this range. No matter which brand of tires you choose, we always guarantee you one of the best prices on the market and a responsive after-sales service.

Tires for all seasons

At Green Drive, we are aware that your vehicle Tesla Model 3 may need specific wheels to adapt to each season of the year. For this reason, we offer different tires tailored for winter, summer or 4 seasons use. In addition, our tire professionals are available to guide you to the right tire and pressure for the different seasons. For winter, for example, we offer our Nokian Snowproof tires in 18 to 20 inches, which you can purchase with rims and sensors. The advantage of working with us is that even after you have purchased your tires, we are always available to assist you in maintaining them.

Tire kits with rims and sensors

At Green Drive, we are motivated by the desire to offer you a complete service, which really saves you time. To do this, we go beyond just supplying tires. We also offer at attractive prices wheels from Tesla Model 3 complete with rims. In other words, we offer you an all-in-one mounting service, so that your tires are ready for use immediately upon delivery. To have this complete mounting, add the rim and the tire together in your cart, and check the box "Mounting on purchased rims".

For driving your vehicle Tesla Model 3 in winter, you can also equip your tires with pressure sensors, as soon as you buy them. In our store you will find different models of pressure sensors adapted to the size of the wheel you have selected. The complete wheel option is the one we generally recommend because it allows you to benefit froma reduction in the total price of the operation. We also always take into account your specific tire maintenance needs, to provide you with a custom quote if necessary.

Tires delivered directly to your home

With Green Drive, there's no need to go out of your way to get the tire kits for your Tesla Model 3 . Once you have chosen the elements that suit you in our store, we will deliver them and mount them for you. Model 3 Do not hesitate to ask us to change the tires of your Tesla.