Complete wheels for Model 3

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The electric car Tesla Model 3 is without doubt one of the most revolutionary cars designed in recent years. The comfort and off-road performance it offers has made it a popular vehicle all over the world, especially in Europe. At Green Drive, we help you keep your Tesla Model 3 at its best performance by offering you complete wheels of impeccable quality. With our tire kits with rims and sensors for Tesla Model 3 , enjoy a more comfortable vehicle to drive on any road. Discover all the characteristics of our complete wheels here.

Tires for all seasons

At Green Drive, we offer a range of 3 sizes of tires to equip your electric vehicle. They are compatible with Tesla Model 3 because they follow the manufacturers' recommendations. According to your preferences, you can choose 18, 19 or 20 inches wheels. We offer them at the best prices on the market. Each tire pack purchased from us offers optimal strength, and you have the option of contacting our service department for all your concerns.

Our complete wheels are also designed to fit perfectly for the different seasons of the year. Are you looking for tires for your Tesla Model 3 car that are suitable for winter, summer or 4-season driving? You will find in our stock, the type of tire that will best suit your needs. Each complete wheel available in our catalog is designed to offer the best handling.

Wheels mounted on rims for purchase

At Green Drive, you have the possibility to get complete wheels mounted on rims at the time of purchase, for your car Tesla Model 3 . To take advantage of this service, simply add the rims of your choice in the shopping cart when you place your order. We will then fit all the wheels with their rims, and deliver them to you balanced and ready to be installed. The rim fitting service is available no matter what style of rim you add to your cart.

We offer several models of rims for sale in our store. You can choose from the following options:

  • uberTurbine style aluminum rim kit, sizes 18 to 22 inches,
  • set of 4 Arachnids aluminum rims, size 18, 19 or 20 inches,
  • set of 4 Turbine aluminum rims, size 18 to 20 inches..

For winter driving, we propose a complete pack with 18 inch rims and Nokian Snowproof 19 inch wheels mounted, balanced and ready to be installed. As for the color, you can choose between black, silver and grey for all the wheel models in our store.

At Green Drive, for your winter wheels, we also provide you with sensors mounted on your Tesla Model 3 upon purchase. You can opt for Bluetooth pressure valves or pre-configured original sensors for Tesla Model 3 .

Complete wheels delivered to your home

At Green Drive, no matter where you are located, you can get home delivery for your tires. Delivery is free for all purchases over 150 euros. Once the rims are mounted on the tires, the complete wheels, balanced and ready to be installed, are sent to you. You will only have to mount them in a few minutes. Moreover, our after-sales service is always ready to listen to your possible concerns and find customized solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us by direct call or to leave us messages online to ask all your questions. At Green Drive, customer satisfaction is our priority.