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The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best-selling cars by its manufacturer. It is appreciated by many users because of its impressive performance and aesthetic appearance. However, to fully enjoy this model of car, it is necessary to equip yourself with certain accessories such as quality rims, wheels and tires that meet the manufacturer's requirements. Green Drive has a wide range of accessories in stock for your Tesla Model 3 .

High quality wheels for your Tesla Model 3

Green Drive is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of custom forged rims for cars Tesla. We sell rims for all models and especially for the Tesla Model 3 . We offer several styles of rims to allow you to differentiate yourself from other users of this vehicle. For example, there are our TrackPack style rims that bring a touch of aesthetics to your car. They are suitable for the Model 3, but also for the S and X models. Green Drive also offers you several other styles of wheels for your Tesla Model 3 .

You can choose the size (18 inches, 19 inches or 20 inches) and the color (matte black, glossy black, grey...) of your car rim. It is even possible to buy your rims by lot. We have among others :

  • kit of 4 aero style rims,
  • kit of 4 Rotary style rims,
  • set of 4 Uber Turbine style rims,
  • kit of 4 Sport rims,
  • set of 4 Japan Racing rims..

You will certainly find the rim of your Tesla Model 3 among the large range in stock which is proposed to you on Green Drive. Moreover, the quality-price ratio of our rims for Tesla Model 3 is excellent.

Accessories Tesla Model 3 : complete wheels available on Green Drive

You are looking for wheels for your Tesla Model 3 ? Green Drive is the address you need. In addition to giving you the possibility to buy only rims, we offer you complete wheels with mounting for Tesla Model 3 . Our wheels consist of rims, tires and hubs.

Instead of buying the accessories for your Tesla Model 3 in several times, you will be able to have everything at the same time. We offer different kits of rims and complete wheels for Tesla Model 3 . The dimensions of our products mean that they can fit your car without any problems and improve its performance. For example, the diameters of our wheels range from 18 to 20 inches, with a width ranging from 8.5 to 9 inches.

Our complete wheels for Tesla Model 3 are also designed according to strict specifications specific to our company. We can thus assure you of their strength, durability and aesthetics.

Buy your tires for Tesla Model 3 on Green Drive

If the rims of your Tesla Model 3 are in good condition, you do not need to buy a complete wheel. Just change your tire and everything will be as good as new again. We stocka wide range of tires for Tesla Model 3 at the best prices. For example, you can find tires for all seasons (summer, winter or all-season). Like the rim and wheel, we offer a tire kit in three sizes, namely 18, 19 and 20 inches. The kit consists of four tires that you can have with or without mounting.

In fact, Green Drive offers a mounting option for those who buy the 4 tire kit alone or with rims. At the time of purchase, you can check the box "Mount on purchased rims". You will then receive your 4 rims for Tesla Model 3 mounted and ready to be installed. If you want to take the tire kit only, you don't have to check this box. We ensure that the tire is delivered to your home within 4 to 7 days.

Many other rim-related accessories for Tesla Model 3

We also offer many other accessories related to rims for Tesla Model 3 . There is in particular the anti-theft nut, the kit of 2 premium brushes for cleaning rims or the varnish touch-up pen for bodywork and rims Tesla. You will also find on our site chains and equipment for Tesla Model 3 . There are all the necessary accessories to make your car easier to use.

The rims, tires, wheels and all the accessories for Tesla Model 3 that we offer are of high quality. Moreover, our prices are the best in the market. At Green Drive, we have a 100% positive satisfaction policy. We make sure that everything is perfect, from the moment you place your order to the delivery of the rims, tires and wheels for your Tesla Model 3 . Multilingual support is also available to answer any concerns you may have regarding rims, tires and wheels for Tesla Model 3 . Pamper your vehicle and order online your rims, tires, wheels or any other accessories at an attractive price for your Tesla Model 3 on Green Drive. We deliver your order as soon as possible.