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The rims of your electric car Tesla Model 3 play an important role in the general functioning of the car. Indeed, when they are of good quality, they allow the car to express its best performance in terms of speed but also to keep an optimal driving comfort. They also increase its safety because they keep the central hub of the wheels and the tires connected. At Green Drive, we offer a wide range of rims for Tesla Model 3 , with unique characteristics and design. We have many rims in stock to fit your tires, regardless of their size in inches.

Wheels compatible with all Tesla Model 3

At Green Drive, we offer models of aluminum rims, compatible with all electric cars in the category Tesla Model 3: Standard Plus, Propulsion, Long Range and Performance. Each wheel available from us is tested by professionals and guarantees an excellent quality-price ratio. All the rims we offer are original models produced by the biggest brands such as Rotary, Dynotec, Impatto..

For the models available in our stock, we offer 3 sizes of rims, from 18 to 20 inches. They have an optimal durability. All our models of rims also rigorously respect the recommendations of the manufacturers as regards size and characteristics.

Aluminum rims for your Tesla Model 3

At Green Drive, we prefer aluminum over bronze because of the strength and durability it offers. Our stock is composed of aluminum rim models, with varying weights depending on the use for which they are intended. Our team of professionals is available to help you choose the rim model that best suits your needs.

We have in our stock rims designed for city driving and models for racing cars. No matter what kind of aluminum rim you are looking for, we have over 60 models in stock to choose from.

Uniquely designed rims for Tesla Model 3

At Green Drive, our stock of rims for your Tesla Model 3 is composed of several models with unique designs, and in various colors. In addition to black, silver, and gray, we can also provide you with specific colors, according to your preferences. In addition to providing perfect protection for your tires, each rim in our stock will give your vehicle an original look Tesla Model 3 . We have among others original models such as :

  • the turbine style rim also available in matt black, gold and anthracite,
  • the Rotary rim with a helical shape,
  • the Arachnids rim, which has the iconic look of the Tesla Model S ,
  • the SelVa rim, which stands out for its center design,
  • the Competition SuperLegerra rim, designed by Dynotec and whose minimalist look makes it the lightest model on the market.

Although we are resellers of several brands, we also manufacture customized models, according to the needs of our customers. In addition, we offer you the guarantee that all our parts are sold at the best prices on the market.

Rims delivered to your home for your Tesla Model 3

The advantage of choosing Green Drive for the purchase of your rims is that you don't have to face the difficulties of transporting your products. We assure you a free delivery of your parts everywhere in Europe for any purchase from 150 euros. Once you have chosen your rim model from our available stock, our team will prepare your order and deliver it to you within a few days. In addition, our after-sales service is available 5 days a week to register any concerns regarding the parts we supply.

We also offer you the possibility to order complete wheel kits, consisting of tires, rims and pressure sensors. This option allows you to benefit from a reduction in the overall price of your purchase. When you place your order, you must then select in the same basket, the model of tire, rim and sensor chosen. Then check the box "mount on rims with purchase" if you want the mounting to be done before the delivery.

Certified rims for Tesla Model 3

At Green Drive, we attach great importance to the reliability of the parts we supply to equip your Tesla Model 3 . Therefore, every tire pack, rim or other car accessory in our stock is scrupulously inspected by professionals. We have all the information about the certification of our rims, and we can provide it on the ordered models. We are able to provide you with this information upon delivery of the purchased parts, if you wish.

In addition to this safety guarantee on all of our parts, our team is always available to assist you with the maintenance of your Tesla Model 3 . No matter what your concern is regarding rims, tires or pressure sensors, do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to replace these parts if, after installation, you find that they are not suitable for your Tesla Model 3 . You can also claim a refund of the purchase price if you are not satisfied with the quality of the rims, tires or other auto parts purchased from us.