Roof bars for Model S

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If you want to go on vacation or make a long journey with your Tesla Model S , roof racks are the ideal solution to get extra storage space on your Tesla Model S . For several years now, Green Drive has been providing Tesla Model S owners with a wide variety of roof racks to make it easier to transport accessories with your car.

Why choose our roof bars for Tesla Model S ?

Depending on the use and the weight of your bars, you can find at Green Drive a wide range of references to occupy the glass roof of your Tesla Model S . Our roof bars for Tesla Model S are specially designed for the mounting and the fast fixing of your trunks, bike and ski racks. The bars for Tesla Model S integrate harmoniously with the vehicle to keep your accessories compatible while maintaining the original aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

Throughout the journey, your mounted accessories keep the best stability coefficient on the roof, especially during changes of pace. Our roof racks for electric cars Tesla Model S are a guarantee of safety for driving (maintaining excellent road holding despite the load). By strictly following the rules for mounting compatible accessories such as bicycles or trunks on our roof racks for Tesla Model S , you also ensure the integrity and safety of transporting your belongings.

Our models of roof racks for Tesla Model S

For your electric vehicle Tesla Model S , we offer our suction cup roof racks which are glued directly to the glass roof of the Tesla Model S . These accessories are mostly made of aluminum, a light material known for its great resistance. As a result, aluminum roof racks are lightweight while maintaining a high level of strength. This reduces the car's loading weight compared to a steel roof rack. In addition, the roof racks for Tesla Model S , thanks to this material, are very aesthetic and streamlined accessories. The ingenious design of our aluminum roof racks also eliminates the aerodynamic noise associated with this installation, which preserves the auditory comfort of users.

We offer simple roof racks that allow you to quickly attach a trunk to the top for carrying bulky items. You can also attach your bike racks safely and serenely. The maximum load here is 45 kg. Green Drive also offers ski and snowboard roof bars that allow you to carry your skis and snowboards directly on the roof box of your Tesla Model S . These bars are equipped with rubber protections that ensure the proper holding of your accessories without damaging them. If you are looking for an efficient and aesthetic roof rack for your Tesla Model S , do not hesitate to contact us for a complete satisfaction.