Carpet for Model S

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At first glance, the car mat (for the floor or the trunk) does not seem like an essential accessory to buy for your Tesla Model S . However, you will realize that the car mat is an essential protective accessory that you must have, especially if you have to bring dirty objects inside the electric car. If you own a Tesla Model S , Green Drive offers you custom made car mats of exceptional quality to equip the trunk and the floor of your car.

The trunk mat for Tesla Model S

For the protection of the front and rear trunk of your Tesla Model S , Green Drive offers you the best car mats on the market. These car mats are adapted to the dimensions of the trunk of your Tesla Model Y . The protection of the front trunk and the rear trunk of the Tesla Model S is extremely important to avoid the aesthetic deterioration of these storage spaces. The trunk mat of Tesla Model S is a very practical support that will prevent heavy dust deposits in this compartment.

Our electric car trunk mat Tesla Model S effectively holds the dirt related to your luggage. This will facilitate and simplify the cleaning of the trunk at the appropriate time. This custom made product has an impeccable quality-price ratio and will save your life on many occasions. We offer at the best price rear trunk mats for Tesla Model S that offer optimal protection thanks to their waterproofness and resistance.

These mats are made of thermoformed PVC which helps to keep the original trunk lining, despite the various stresses of the rear storage compartment. For the front trunk of your electric car Tesla Model S , we also have mats made of odorless TPE plastic that will perfectly fit the dimensions of this storage space. Whether it is for the floor, the front trunk or the rear trunk, our Tesla Model S protection can be washed with water and all soaps.

The floor mat for Tesla Model S

To replace the original floor mats that came with your Tesla Model S , choose our custom made floor mats for your car. These car accessories available at great prices on our site will bring style and functionality to your car interior. Our carpet mats for Tesla Model S protect the floor of your vehicle from wear and tear caused by foot traffic. They also make it easier to get rid of mud, dust and other debris that shoes carry.

Cleaning the trunk or the floor of the car is easy, because you just have to take the cover out to shake it and vacuum it up. Our covers for Tesla Model S are non-slip to minimize the risk of objects slipping during acceleration or braking.

You now know who to contact to find exceptional quality protections at interesting prices for the floor and the trunk of your Tesla Model S . Do not hesitate to contact us if you need it. We also offer free delivery of your products from 150 EUR purchase on Green Drive.