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Like all cars, your Tesla Model S needs efficient wheels to properly support the vehicle's load and ensure the mobility of the interior. If we can say that without wheels, there is no car, we can also say that without rims, there are no wheels. The wheel is formed by the combination of a rim and a tire. The strength and performance of your wheels depend largely on the quality of the rims you adopt on your Tesla Model S . Green Drive offers you the purchase and delivery of your rims at a good price for Tesla Model S .

Why choose good rims for your Tesla Model S ?

Choosing a good quality rim to support a tire on your electric car Tesla Model S will extend the life of that tire. When the dimensions of the rim are in all points compatible with those of the tire, the tire is stressed in an optimal way, especially when there are irregularities on the road. The risk of rapid deterioration of your Tesla Model S tires is thus reduced to a minimum.

By choosing the right material for your rims and tires from Tesla Model S , you will be able to benefit from reliable wheels that keep your driving safe. While heavy rims are recommended in the snow for excellent grip on the ground, light rims for Tesla Model S will give you the best performance in the summer. Choosing the right rim for each tire on your Tesla Model S will provide you with a safe, fun and comfortable electric car to drive.

Green Drive aluminum rims for Tesla Model S

We stock a wide range of premium aluminum rims to go with your tires from Tesla Model S at the best price. To increase the performance of your electric car, each aluminum rim available on our site is manufactured to the highest standards. The quality-price ratio of our rims for Tesla Model S is very interesting. These aluminum rims are compatible with all models of this electric car. For the wheels of your Tesla Model S , three sizes of rims are proposed: 19 inches, 20 inches and 21 inches. We take care to respect as much as possible the manufacturer's recommendations regarding sizes and characteristics. This ensures the durability of your investment.

The aluminum rims for Tesla Model S of Green Drive are very resistant, which makes them behave very well in front of possible shocks during your driving. The light alloy wheels for Tesla Model S offer more agility and liveliness to the wheels of the car during acceleration phases.

These rims for Tesla Model S improve the road handling thanks to their rigidity which optimizes the responsiveness of the vehicle when changing direction. Compared to a steel rim, for example, an aluminum rim allows the brakes to cool down more quickly. This excellent thermal behavior makes the aluminum rim ideal for your sporty driving sessions with your Tesla Model S .

If required, all our rims for Tesla Model S are delivered with mounting accessories. We only supply the pressure sensors in addition. We are resellers of several major brands of car accessories like Japan Racing, Concaver, etc. However, we manufacture our own rims for Tesla Model S with customized versions. By contacting our service department, you can have unique rims made for your vehicle based on a design, color or other details that you show us.

This allows you to customize your rims for Tesla Model S to add to the car's design. You can choose black aluminum wheels, white aluminum wheels or grey aluminum wheels for your Tesla Model S . Matte or glossy finish is available for your electric car rims. In France and other European countries, delivery is always free on Green Drive from 150 EUR of purchase. For the acquisition of rims or tires Tesla Model S at an interesting price, contact us to benefit from the best solutions of the market.