Rear trunk carpet for Tesla Model S 2013-2020


The essential rear trunk mats for Tesla Model S in thermoformed PVC. Waterproof and resistant, the essential ally to protect the trunks.

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    Product details

    Protect the trunk of your Tesla Model S thanks to our thermoformed mats.

    The mats offer additional protection to the trunk when loading products that may damage the trunk lining.

    These mats are specially designed for Tesla Model S and are installed without modification of the trunk.

    The carpet will arrive folded at your home and it will only take a few days and a little heat to make the folds disappear completely.

    In addition to the rear trunk mat we also have front trunk mats:


    Cleaning: For cleaning, don't be afraid to wash them directly with water, either outside or in the shower. The tesla model S trunk mats are very resistant to cleaning and soap type products.
    Materials: Odorless TPE plastic

    We can assist you if you have difficulties with the assembly!


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