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You are looking for a body kit to customize your Tesla Model S ? Green Drive is the store you need to contact to get access to top quality parts at good prices to build your body kit. From the spoiler to the diffuser, through the grille or the hood, these parts called Body Kit are available in our online catalog. Model S This will allow you to accentuate the original design and performance of your Tesla.

Choose our spoilers for Tesla Model S

The spoiler or carbon spoiler is one of the essential parts of the body kit for the Tesla Model S . For this model of electric car, the spoiler usually plays an aesthetic role. It brings a stylish sporty touch to the original body design of the electric car Tesla Model S . The aggressive look of the car is accentuated by the use of black carbon fiber. Once used primarily for racing cars, carbon is an expensive material that is now found in high-end cars. The lightness and exceptional rigidity of carbon make it the perfect material to make the spoiler for the Tesla Model S .

In addition, at the body level, the carbon spoiler for Tesla Model S plays a role in the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. The carbon spoiler optimizes the airflow at the front or rear of the Tesla Model S to provide good handling and better acceleration and braking. For the Tesla Model S , we offer our carbon rear spoilers available in two variants identical to those installed on the original performance model of the electric car. You will also find premium carbon front blades for a sporty body configuration at a very good price for the Tesla Model S .

Choose a rear diffuser for Tesla Model S

In the composition of your body kit for Tesla Model S , think about our custom rear diffusers with a clean and aggressive design. At the rear of your body, our plastic diffuser for Tesla Model S inspires a prominent and original look that will appeal to sports car lovers. Available at an attractive price, this product comes in a matte black version and is easy to install (although professional installation is highly recommended).

Find a hood for Tesla Model S Green Drive

This is an option for your body kit for Tesla Model S . The original and sporty design of this real carbon product will certainly seduce you. It has a nice matte black color. To change the look of the body of the electric car Tesla Model S , it is a very wise investment. Thanks to the carbon, the hood remains light while retaining its strength. Moreover, you benefit from an excellent compromise between aesthetics and performance to customize the body of your Tesla Model S .

Discover our rocker panels for Tesla Model S

Replacing the original rocker panels with our carbon rocker panels is an excellent idea if you want to bring a high quality sporty touch to the original design of your Tesla Model S . Strong and durable, our carbon rocker panels allow you to give a unique racing look to your electric car. They also contribute to the improvement of the aerodynamics of your vehicle.

Buy a body kit at the best price at Green Drive

The prices charged for our body parts are as fair and transparent as possible to suit the budget of all enthusiasts wanting to customize their Tesla Model S . Our technical teams ensure the quality and reliability of the accessories before they are put on sale. We make sure to provide you with body parts that are fully compatible with the technical characteristics of your Tesla Model S . This way, you are sure to make an efficient and long-lasting investment. So don't hesitate to contact us if you need us.