Spoiler / front blade DynoTec ElementX® for Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2022+

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Give your Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2022+ a sporty, elegant look with the ElementX DynoTec ElementX® front spoiler. Its lightweight, robust design enhances aerodynamics and accentuates the vehicle's sporty lines, while being easy to install. The ElementX® spoiler, available in matte or gloss finishes, is the perfect choice for combining style and performance.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

Transform the look of your Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2022+ with the ElementX DynoTec ElementX® front spoiler. Made from genuine carbon fiber, this spoiler perfectly follows the contours of the original blades, offering unrivalled sporty styling while respecting your vehicle's original lines. Made from premium carbon fiber with a 2x2 weave, the ElementX® spoiler combines lightness and strength. Its solid structure, both top and bottom, ensures minimal weight without sacrificing durability. Available in matte or gloss finish, it adapts to your aesthetic preferences.

The ElementX® spoiler not only enhances your Tesla, it also strengthens the aerodynamic front end, increasing stability at high speeds. It integrates perfectly with our complete body kit for Tesla, featuring carbon fiber components for optimized aerodynamic performance. Equipped with 3M adhesive strips for easy installation, the ElementX® spoiler is easily attached to the original blades. Holes for screws or rivets ensure solid, durable installation.

Although the ElementX® spoiler does not affect the ground clearance of your Tesla, it does slightly extend the front of the vehicle. Use air suspension to avoid damage when driving on uneven terrain.

The ElementX® front spoiler is the ultimate accessory for Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2022+ owners looking for distinctive styling, enhanced performance and impeccable quality. For more information or to place an order, please contact our customer service department or visit our website.



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