Storage, organizers and utilities for Model 3

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Having convenient and suitable storage space is a real advantage that every vehicle owner wants. If you lack storage space in your Tesla Model 3 , there are accessories that can solve this problem. In this context, the organizer models offered by Green Drive are the tools you need.

Opt for an interior door organizer for Tesla Model 3

These accessories we offer are perfect for improving storage inside your car Tesla Model 3 and protecting the doors where it is installed. Each organizer is waterproof and made of silicone, very easy to maintain and set up. Simply place these storage accessories in the spaces provided on the doors of your car Tesla Model 3 . This model ofdoor interior organizer is available at a very attractive price for 4 accessories.

Increase storage in your car with an armrest organizer

In car models Tesla Model 3 released after 2021, there is no armrest storage space. If your car is one of these, you should definitely equip it with an armrest organizer to protect it and gain storage space. These are silicone designed accessories that are easy to clean and insert into the dedicated slots on the armrest. We offer this armrest organizer for your car Tesla Model 3 at an attractive price.

Install a trunk organizer for more storage

For the trunk of your car Tesla Model 3 , storage accessories allow you to accommodate larger items on the left side of this compartment. The trunk organizer is custom designed to fit your car's dimensions Tesla Model 3 and offers good protection. In addition, these storage accessories have Velcro fasteners that help secure them to the trunk carpet for easy installation. This is an available car organizer product that you will find at the best price on Green Drive.

Expand your storage with a center console organizer

The center console of your car Tesla Model 3 is also an area to exploit to get more storage space. For this, the center console organizer we sell is perfect. It is easy to clean and protects the interior of your car Tesla Model 3 . It is easy to install thanks to the compartment in the center console, designed to accommodate it. This model of organizer is available in 3 variants. For the first type of storage accessories, they correspond to Tesla Model 3 cars designed between 2019 and 2020. These are vehicles that are equipped with the old center console model.

The last two variants of organizer are for any car Tesla Model 3 manufactured from the year 2021. There is one main difference between the second and third category of these center console storage accessories. Only the last model of organizer has USB-A and USB-C connections for more convenience. These 3 models of center console organizer are available at very attractive prices on our store.

Buy storage accessories for Tesla Model 3 with Green Drive

We are specialists in customizing and selling car accessories Tesla. Our company is located in Grenoble, France. Model 3 We offer many models of organizers to optimize the storage in your Tesla. Our products offer an unbeatable value for money with free delivery for 150 euros of products purchased. Our storage accessories and organizers are easy to install. If you have any difficulties with our car products Tesla, our technical support is available to offer you the assistance you need. Then contact us immediately to equip your car Tesla Model 3 with the perfect organizer.