Opening boxes for Model 3

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Cylinders are very useful when you have a Tesla Model 3 . These accessories allow to transform the energy of a pressurized fluid or electrical energy into mechanical energy. This process offers the possibility to automate the opening of the safes for Tesla Model 3 . According to your expectations, you can order on Green Drive electric or hydraulic jacks for your car Tesla Model 3 . Our jacks for Tesla Model 3 are offered at affordable prices.

Buy electric cylinders from Tesla Model 3 Green Drive

If you're looking for an easy-to-use jack, we recommend the motorized jack Hansshow. Electric jacks help open and close the front or rear trunk of the Tesla Model 3 automatically from the screen inside, the app or the outside button.

This actuator is particularly effective, as it is very precise in managing the positions. Turn the front or rear trunk of your car Tesla Model 3 into a motorized trunk by choosing the best system on the market. You can choose between two available versions:

  • model for Tesla Model 3 before 2021 (without chrome around the windows),
  • model for Tesla Model 3 new generation (2021).

By ordering your kit Hansshow on Green Drive, you are guaranteed to benefit from the latest versions of the brand's products. The spare parts are available in France and you can get them within a short time. Another advantage of choosing our electric cylinders for front and rear trunk from Tesla Model 3 is that this product is not connected to the CANbus, unlike other products. The warranty Tesla is thus preserved. The kit Hansshow is provided with the manual, but our team can assist you for the installation of your cylinder in case of difficulties of assembly.

High quality hydraulic cylinders for Tesla Model 3

The hydraulic trunk jacks for Tesla Model 3 facilitate the opening of your front or rear trunk (Frunk or Trunk). They work by compressing a fluid (usually oil), which helps support heavy loads. Hydraulic cylinders are an excellent alternative to more expensive electric cylinders.

However, this type of cylinder requires regular and quality maintenance, especially with regard to the sealing of the joints that protect the cylinder chambers. Choose 100% metal hydraulic trunk cylinders, as the plastic parts are fragile and can leak gas.

On the other hand, cylinders available at Green Drive have increased strength and constant gas pressure. The latter offers the possibility to increase the product's life span and to resist temperature changes. To facilitate the opening of your trunk, order your hydraulic cylinders from Tesla Model 3 on Green Drive and benefit from a free delivery from 150 euros.

Unlike some older cylinders that open the trunk with great force at the end, potentially damaging the trunk lid, these new cylinders have a smooth opening effect. Installation is simple: all you need is a flathead screwdriver to remove the old cylinder and install the new cylinder in the same location with the same fasteners. If you have any difficulties with the installation, we can assist you with your electric car. Contact us by e-mail for more information about our trunk openings for Tesla Model 3 .