Fins and spoilers for Model 3

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For those who own a Tesla Model 3 and would like to turn their vehicle into a real sports car, it is essential to customize it. To do this, Green Drive has the perfect spoiler to get the car you've been dreaming of.

customize your Tesla Model 3 with a Race spoiler

If you are looking for a spoiler that will give your electric car a sporty look, the Race spoiler that we sell is the right product for you. It is a carbon fiber spoiler that fits on the trunk of your vehicle to give it a unique look. The Race spoiler also increases the aerodynamic pressure on the rear of the car Tesla Model 3 , whichimproves the performance of the vehicle.

The Race spoiler is a product available in 3 carbon fiber finishes: gloss black, matte black and forged black. This will give you more possibilities to personalize your Tesla Model 3 . It is a spoiler whose installation is very easy, thanks to the 3M adhesive system present on the spoiler. A prior cleaning of the installation area is required to successfully install this spoiler which is available for 229.90 €.

embellish your Tesla Model 3 with an Aero spoiler

This is a carbon fiber spoiler that can also be installed on the trunk of your car. Available in glossy and matte black finish, it also allows to offer a sublime aesthetic to your Tesla Model 3 , without changing the original aspect of the vehicle. Apart from the visual aspect, the Aero spoiler also improves the car's performance by increasing its ground pressure. The installation of this spoiler is very easy thanks to a 3M adhesive tape kit supplied with the product. It is available for an investment of 349,90 € and this spoiler is compatible with all versions of Tesla Model 3 from 2019.

protect your Tesla Model 3 trunk with a water retention spoiler

Installing a water retention spoiler is one of the most effective ways to remedy a problem with water leaking into the trunk of your electric car. It is a spoiler that will be installed at the root of the rear window of your Tesla Model 3 , to prevent your trunk from filling with water when it is opened. This protects the stuff stored in it. It is a plastic designed spoiler with a black or carbon finish. Its installation is also very easy thanks to the adhesive on its back. Its purchase price is estimated at 49,08 €.

buy a quality fin with Green Drive

To customize your Tesla Model 3 , you need quality accessories. To satisfy this need, Green Drive is the ideal partner. Located in the Grenoble area in France, we are professionals specialized in the supply of various types of accessories for cars Tesla: spoiler, body kit, rims, mudguards... We are also specialized in the manufacturing of carbon fiber spoilers to give an inimitable style to your car.

They are mainly designed with dry carbon stabilized at high temperature in a pressurized box to obtain very resistant products, in a pure material. Each spoiler is manufactured according to strict specifications, checked and controlled before being put in stock and marketed. The delivery of spoilers or products is free from 150 € of purchase and the returns of products also. The proposed spoilers are easy to install. However, you can send us a message if you have difficulties to do it. Contact us to revamp your Tesla Model 3 with a nice spoiler and improve the performance of your car.