Phone holder and charger for Model 3

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You own a car Tesla Model 3 and you don't know where to put your phone? Welcome to the world of Tesla where you can add accessories to your car. On its online store, Green Drive offers you different supports and chargers for wireless phones for Tesla Model 3 at affordable prices. Order, according to your expectations, the support and wireless phone charger that suits you and enjoy free delivery from 150 euros of purchase.

The phone holder, the essential accessory for car Tesla Model 3

Green Drive answers your needs by offering on its store practical accessories for the electric car Tesla Model 3 . As announced above, you can now put your phone in a suitable place in your car Tesla Model 3 . This accessory specially designed for this model is installed directly on the dashboard or behind the central screen of your Tesla. It allows you to have a better view on the GPS. The phone holder for car Tesla Model 3 is characterized by a magnetic support to stick on the vehicle.

This product is also equipped with two super conductive magnets to stick behind your phone. Rest assured, the magnet will not interfere with your wireless charging. Just like our other accessories, this product of impeccable quality is available on our store at an attractive price and benefits froma 2-year warranty. You have the possibility to pay 3 times without fees and we take care of the delivery everywhere in France as soon as possible.

Phone holder integrated in the steering wheel with recharge for Tesla Model 3

The phone holder with wireless charging is a must have accessory in your electric car. This holder is compatible with smartphones, including Android and iPhone. Very practical and easy to install, just put the accessory directly on the steering wheel of your car to enjoy a perfect visibility, but also a recharge at the same time. The recharge is very fast, as it can reach a maximum power of 15W. The connection is made at the speaker socket. The steering wheel integrated phone holder with wireless charging available in our store blends perfectly with the interior of your Tesla Model 3 thanks to the gray color of the product (which repeats the original design).

Tablet and phone holder adapted to the rear seats of model 3

Traveling with passengers in the back of your electric car? This great accessory is for you. Put your passengers at ease by equipping your car Tesla Model 3 with a tablet and phone holder for rear seats Tesla Model 3 . They will be able to entertain themselves throughout the journey. This tablet and phone holder has extendable arms to hold and secure the smartphone or tablet of your children sitting behind. Installation is very simple.

To secure the smartphone, tablet, iPad or iPhone to the back of the front seats, simply clip the plastic holder from your Tesla Model 3 , then wedge the phone or tablet between the two extendable arms. The expandable system accepts a wide variety of screen sizes. However, you can count on our assistance if you have difficulties with the assembly. Order your wireless phone holder and charger at Green Drive to take advantage of the many benefits of this interesting product. The delivery is fast and free from 150 euros of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information.