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Although the Tesla Model 3 car is a marvel of technology, the lighting of the car is not very satisfactory. The LED lights are few in number and their intensity is relatively low. Therefore, many drivers are looking for an effective solution to this problem. If you are one of them, the LED and lighting models marketed by Green Drive have everything to satisfy you.

Enhance the interior of your Tesla Model 3 with LED lighting

To make the interior of your car Tesla Model 3 a pleasant place, LED mood lighting is the right product for you. There are two sub-categories of products: those for front and those for rear. The front passenger footwell LED light Tesla Model 3 can emit colored light: white, blue, red, pink or ice blue. It provides a more powerful light than the original one, while creating a unique atmosphere in your vehicle. Each kit purchased contains 2 clip-on lamps, which are very easy to install after removing the original LED lighting from the car Tesla Model 3 .

With the rear footwell ambience product, the passengers sitting in the rear seat of the vehicle Tesla Model 3 are not left out. It is available in the same colors as the front footwell LED mood light. The connection of this lamp is done on the ambient lights located at the front of the car Tesla Model 3 with a Y cable. The cable must be hidden under the upholstery to bring the LED light under the front seats and fixed with adhesives and clamps. This product is not compatible with Tesla Model 3 SR+.

Customize your Tesla Model 3 openings with LED lighting

You can also add more personality to your vehicle's doors and trunk. There are various LED car lighting products Tesla Model 3 that will suit you perfectly. For example, there are spotlights that can be inserted into doors and trunks. They can project light on the ground when the Tesla Model 3 is opened. Some LED lighting models project one of these colors: blue, white, red, pink and ice blue. Other projectors can display a logo on the ground: T and Tesla, T without Tesla, 3 Tesla, Space X... These are kits that contain two clip-on LED lamps for easy installation.

Regarding the LED light bar for car trunk Tesla Model 3 , it can provide additional lighting in this compartment. It is simply necessary to disconnect one of the side lights to connect the bar to its place and fix it to the trunk with adhesive. Then you will have to reconnect the original LED headlight.

For the front trunk of Tesla Model 3 , an LED contour strip is very useful. It is a product with a plug and play system that makes it easy to install on the button inside the frunk. It is available in two variants, depending on the year of manufacture of your Tesla Model 3 : 2019-2020 and 2021-2022.

Rely on a quality LED lighting with Green Drive

On our platform, you will find all the accessories you need to customize your car Tesla Model 3 . These include: protective film for headlights and taillights, center console organizer, wheels, rims, LED lights... These products are available at an affordable price and their delivery is free from 150 € of purchase. If you have any problem with their installation, contact us as soon as possible to get a solution. Visit our website as soon as possible to discover the discounted LED lighting products and enhance your car Tesla Model 3 .