Seat covers for Model 3

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The interior of your car Tesla Model 3 can quickly become monotonous to your taste. In this context, you surely feel the need to add a touch of novelty to break the routine. The seat covers offered by Green Drive are the products you were looking for.

Personalize the interior of Tesla Model 3 with seat covers

If you want to personalize the interior of your car, seat covers are a product to consider. Made from synthetic leather, these covers for Tesla Model 3 make it easy to change the color of a seat without removing the original part. It is simply necessary to pass it over the old textile that covers the seat of your car. Its installation does not require any disassembly and the tools necessary to install this seat protection product are available upon delivery of the product. This cover is available in 3 colors for maximum customization of your Tesla Model 3 : red, white and white-black.

Changing the color of the seats of your car with the seat covers offers the possibility to obtain a perfect and good quality result. These accessories for Tesla Model 3 are designed to fit each original seat without creating an extra layer. In addition to being very attractive, the seat covers we offer for your car do not prevent the airbags built into the seats from working. These protective accessories help the protective cushions deploy through the thin seam of the seat covers. This car seat protection kit Tesla Model 3 is available at a great price on our site.

Go for premium seat covers for your car

For owners of Tesla Model 3 who are looking for seat covers that guarantee a factory-like result, a premium product will be recommended. These are the seat covers from Individual Auto Design, a brand that specializes in seats for high-end vehicles. With over 30 years of experience, this company produces car seat covers Tesla Model 3 that will meet the expectations of the detail-oriented.

These premium seat covers are available in 4 colors: red, sterling grey, black couture red, black and sterling grey. This multitude of colors allows you to create a unique interior in your car. They are made of synthetic leather and Alcantara, manufactured by expert hands in Europe.

These car seat covers will not accumulate scorching heat during the summer and will not interfere with the heated seats or airbags in your vehicle. They are strong, durable, handmade products that come with a 3 year warranty. These seat covers for Tesla Model 3 are available at the best price on Green Drive. They slip over the original parts for a great result.

Buy quality seat covers with Green Drive

To make your car unique, customize the seats with the seat covers we sell. We are located in Grenoble, France and offer a multitude of products perfect for customizing vehicles Tesla and Model 3 in particular.

Our seat covers are of very good quality and available at a reasonable price according to your requirements. Their delivery to your home is free from 150 € of purchase and their installation in your car Tesla Model 3 is very easy. You can contact us for help if you have any problems with the seat covers for your car. Go to our site immediately to discover the products that will perfectly fit your Tesla Model 3 .