Alcantara interior for Model 3

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After purchasing your electric car Tesla Model 3 , you have the choice to keep its original interior design or to change it. This second option allows you to customize your vehicle according to your tastes, to improve the comfort on board. At Green Drive, we offer several alcantara interior designs to transform your electric car. Specialists in electric vehicle accessories Tesla in Europe, we offer you products at the best prices on the market and of indisputable quality. Discover here all the information about the alcantara interior trim for your electric car Tesla Model 3 .

Alcantara door inserts for your Tesla Model 3

The interior trim of a car is not only about the seats and the steering wheel, but also about the doors of the car. Therefore, Green Drive offers alcantara door inserts to add the finishing touch to your Tesla Model 3 . Alcantara is a soft touch material, suitable for all seasons and also has the advantage of being half the weight of leather. Our door insert kit includes two pieces to be glued on both sides of the doors of your electric car.

Each of these pieces is made of flexible covering that you can glue directly on the concerned area, after having cleaned it well. We prefer the black color because our products are specially designed to match the original color of the doors. We can also provide products in other colors such as white or red, depending on your preference.

Dashboard inserts for Tesla Model 3

At Green Drive, we also offer inserts for the protection of the wooden board of your Tesla Model 3 . Each kit includes two auto pieces that join to the back of your electric car's screen after completely covering the dashboard. We offer you the best price for kits designed by us, but also items manufactured by interior trim specialists such as Vilner. To install your inserts, all you need to do is :

  • clean the area properly,
  • remove the adhesive covering from the back of the product,
  • install the insert on the appropriate area

If you have any difficulty in mounting your insert, please contact us for assistance from our professional team.

An alcantara center console for your Tesla Model 3

With our center console kit, getting behind the wheel of your car becomes a permanent pleasure. This product, so pleasant to the touch, is made of the same material originally used to cover the car's interior. It fits perfectly into the interior of the car and matches the black color of the Tesla Model 3 to 90%. The center console for Tesla Model 3 is easy to install and gives an attractive finish to your car's interior. It comes with adhesive on the back, and you can just stick it on the area after cleaning it well.

Don't wait any longer and order your car accessories at the best price on Green Drive for the interior trim of your Tesla Model 3 . We provide free delivery of your products from 150 euros of purchase.