Performance improvement for Model 3

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The electric car Tesla Model 3 , a vehicle designed by the billionaire Elon Musk, is very pleasant to drive according to the opinion of many users. In terms of performance, the car is appreciated not only for its original design, but also for the power and comfort it offers. To make your electric car Tesla Model 3 even more powerful, Green Drive offers various premium quality items.

Improve the braking of your Tesla Model 3

The braking of electric cars Tesla Model 3 needs some improvements, it is indeed not up to their power. That's why at Green Drive, we offer high performance replacement equipment to increase the braking capacity of your electric vehicle. Our brake pads are designed in street version (for city use) and in track version (for track use). Both versions have outstanding features that guarantee a long life for the pads, perfect fit and optimal milling of the pads.

Our front and rear brake discs for the Tesla Model 3 are made of anodized aluminum. They also have great performance. They offer optimal lightness and cooling for a better riding comfort. Tested on the road by professional drivers, they guarantee maximum braking safety, no matter how fast you drive.

We also offer Dynotec aviation brake hoses that improve the braking power of electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 . The main advantage of our aviation hoses is that they do not expand abruptly during repeated and violent braking, despite the increase in temperature of the brake fluid. To optimize their braking performance, we recommend MOTUL RBF 700 DOT 4. This 100% synthetic brake fluid promotes maximum braking power and resistance to extreme temperatures up to 336 degrees.

Get better handling with accessories Green Drive

During certain seasons of the year in France, most cars have difficulty handling the road. This is most often due to the quality of their stabilizer bars or springs. The electric vehicles of the Tesla Model 3 range are no exception to this rule. To avoid this bad experience with your vehicle, at Green Drive we offer replacement stabilizer bars that guarantee a good handling and a perfect driving comfort. The improved rigidity of these high-performance front and rear stabilizer bars immediately protects your vehicle from any risk of skidding.

We also supply AST Suspension short springs that will optimally reduce the ground clearance of your electric vehicle. Our springs are an effective replacement for the springs supplied with the vehicle and are suitable for city driving and touring. To improve the handling of your Tesla Model 3 , we also offer track wideners with active cooling. Upgrading your electric vehicle with our track wideners guarantees you better driving comfort and stability.

Lighten your Tesla Model 3 with custom-made rims

The lighter your electric car is, the more comfortable it will be to drive on highways or city roads. To lighten your Tesla Model 3 , choose custom forged wheels from the best models on the market. By replacing the rims delivered with your purchase with our parts, you will notice a significant improvement in the braking and acceleration of your electric vehicle. This is due to the fact that some of our products are 20-25% lighter than the original models designed by Tesla Motor. We offer various models at affordable prices toimprove the performance of your electriccar.