PPF Protection Film for Model 3

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You have invested a certain amount of money in your car Tesla Model 3 . In order to protect it properly, it is important to offer the vehicle a quality protection that will keep its parts in their original condition. The PPF protection film available at Green Drive is the product you need and is available for only a few euros.

Protect the headlights of your Tesla Model 3 with a PPF protection film

The headlights of your car play a big role in the aesthetics of your car Tesla Model 3 . The PPF protection film is a protective screen proposed by Green Drive and available in several models depending on the desired use. One is dedicated to the front lights and fog lights, while another is for the rear lights. The first model of protective film for car headlights and fog lights Tesla Model 3 is available in 3 color variants: transparent, smoked gray and smoked black. It is an easy-to-install protective screen with the supplied kit.

For the rear lights, the PPF car protection film Tesla Model 3 is only available in 2 variants: transparent and smoked black. The PPF of which the protective film is made, is a material that protects the fragile parts from knocks, damages, impacts and scratches. It is a self-healing protective screen that makes light impacts and scratches disappear when heat sets in. Its installation at the level of the headlights, fog lights and rear lights, does not prevent the normal evaporation of condensation.

Keep your paint and bodywork looking great with a PPF protective screen

A protective film can also be used to keep the bodywork of your Tesla Model 3 in perfect condition. For the blade of your car Tesla Model 3 , you can opt for a PPF protective screen pre-cut and ready to install. It is a protective film that protects your lower blade against scratches that occur when parking your car Tesla Model 3 . The installation of this protective screen is easy and the necessary material to do this maneuver is available at delivery.

For the underbody, the PPF 3M ScotchGard protective film is the most suitable. It provides optimum protection for your car's paintwork Tesla Model 3 . It is available in two variants: one for rocker panels only and one that also includes door sills. These are pre-cut products and easy to install by yourself, with the appropriate material available on delivery. Apart from this model of protective film for car body Tesla Model 3 , there are others offered by Green Drive, for the interior of vehicles and various parts: door interior, door and trunk sills, center console ..

Buy your PPF protective film with Green Drive

For your purchases of protective screen for Tesla Model 3 or other accessories, call our company. We are located in Grenoble, France and we specialize in the sale of products for Tesla and offer among others: rims, mudguards, body kits, ceramic protections... These articles for Tesla Model 3 are available at very affordable prices on our web page and the delivery is free from 150 EUR of purchased articles. Each model of PPF protection film that we sell is easy to install, pre-cut and delivered with the necessary material for installation: sprayer and scraper. Our team is always available to assist you if you have any difficulties in installing the car protective screen Tesla Model 3 . So, contact us immediately to buy your quality PPF protective film.