Mudguards for Model 3

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If you have a Tesla Model 3 , it is recommended to protect your electric car. This protection is very important especially for the underbody and to protect the paint of your Tesla Model 3 . Green Drive has exactly what you need with different specially adapted mudguards.

protect your car Tesla Model 3 with custom fenders

These products that we sell are recommended for the protection of your rocker panels and the paint of your Tesla Model 3 . Each fender is custom molded to fit the body of your car and offer maximum protection. Also, these fenders for Tesla Model 3 are elegantly contoured for a look similar to a factory installation. In addition, attaching the rubber fender to your Tesla Model 3 car is made easy.

The drilling system that was previously required to install the front mud flaps has been replaced and the mud flap simply clips on for a secure fit. Note that the custom made mud flaps for Tesla Model 3 are available at a small price. An investment of 34,90 € will be necessary to obtain a set of 4 mud flaps and 6 clips. The custom made mud flaps are available in 5 colors to suit everyone's taste: black, glossy black, blue, red and white.

choose discreet fenders for your car Tesla Model 3

If you are looking for a discreet mudguard model, this product will suit you perfectly. These mud flaps are made of durable high-density polyethylene for long life. This model of mudguard is perfect for protecting the underbody, fenders and body of your car Tesla Model 3 from splashes and sand.

It is an essential product for summer driving. This model of medium mudguard for car Tesla Model 3 that we commercialize is pre-drilled, easy to install and supplied with the necessary material. It is a product with a price of 129,90 EUR and reflects the quality of the materials used in its manufacture. This type of mudguard is available only in black color. For maximum protection of your electric car, it is recommended to add a stone protection film to the mud flaps.

buy your mud flaps for Tesla Model 3 with Green Drive

We are professionals in the sale of car accessories Tesla located in the Grenoble area in France. On our site, you will discover a great number of products perfect for the personalization of your electric car. They are among others: mudguards, body kit, spoiler, cable and charging station... All our products are available at a very interesting price. Moreover, there is also a possibility of payment in several times (up to 3 times without expenses).

Each mudguard or car accessory Tesla Model 3 available for purchase on our platform is previously checked and tested. If you encounter any difficulties during their use, our service is available to provide you with the assistance you need. The delivery of mudguards and accessories of all types for cars Tesla is free from 150 EUR and returns are free in 100% of cases. So, contact us immediately to protect your electric car with quality fenders, available at a reasonable price.