Covering for Model 3

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The covering consists in covering one or several parts of your vehicle in order to personalize it. It is an interesting solution to bring a particular style to your Tesla Model 3 . You have the opportunity to modify your car according to your desires, by changing the color of certain parts while bringing an additional protection. Green Drive is the store specialized in the sale of many accessories and equipment for electric vehicle. We offer you a selection of high quality covering to make your Tesla Model 3 more original.

Covering Tesla Model 3 : the bodywork

Modelled according to the dimensions and elements of the car, our covering accessories are specially designed for your Tesla Model 3 . You have the choice between many articles for the decoration and the protection of the body of your electric vehicle. To mask the chrome of the Tesla Model 3 , you can choose the Chrome delete stickers in covering. Pre-cut by 3M and model 2080, it is a kit that will cover parts of the car such as: the mirrors, door handles, the contour of the windows, the front and rear logos, and the side cameras. You will give an original and more sportive style to your Tesla.

Besides the complete kit, the covering is also proposed to embellish specific parts of the car. The total covering for the handles of the Tesla Model 3 allows to wrap them entirely for an optimal protection. Three colors are available: satin black, gloss black and black carbon. The pillar covering or pillar removal is a way to enhance the finish of your car. It is an accessory that perfectly covers the window pillars to give Tesla Model 3 a more refined design.

We offer a range of PPF products made of 3M Scotchgard protective film that you can install yourself on the Tesla Model 3 . These are stickers to protect different parts of the body like the door sill. A rocker protection is also an interesting accessory to avoid damages on the paint. The personalization of the Tesla Model 3 is also possible with a bumper covering, a total or partial covering to change the color of the car, etc.

The covering to personalize the interior of the Tesla Model 3

With the covering you can protect the interior of your car from possible stains and scratches. The PPF glove box protection for Tesla Model 3 is a very thin and transparent film that covers it. The protective barrierprevents scratches on this area often exposed to blows, but also makes your Tesla more elegant.

Opt also for a personalization of the dashboard by choosing the covering adapted to your Tesla. Easy to install, you have the choice between 6 variants: black carbon, white carbon, white satin, black satin, brushed metal, shadow black and matrix black. There are also coverings for the steering wheel, the window knobs, the interior door trim, the center console, etc. On the latter, we can also add a PPF matte protection film to protect it from daily shocks and scratches.

Many other covering accessories for the Tesla Model 3 are available on Green Drive. We offer you an installation video for each item. Our products are delivered in duplicate (in case of error) with tools to facilitate their installation. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can answer your various questions.