Camping with your Model 3

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Elon Musk had announced in July 2018, the development of a camping mode for some cars Tesla, including the Tesla model S, Tesla model X and Tesla model 3. This feature is thus now available to the delight of nature lovers. To camp comfortably in your electric car, you will need to equip yourself with the essential accessories that you can easily find on Green Drive at attractive prices.

Camp Mode enabled for the Tesla

Camp Mode is a kind of evolution of the option that allows you to keep the heating or air conditioning on while turning off the screen. According to information provided by Tesla, Camp Mode actually keeps the air flow, temperature and indoor lights on. This feature also allows you to play music and provide power to devices, such as charging a smartphone. To turn on Camp Mode, simply tap the fan icon on your screen and choose the dedicated mode when the Tesla is parked.

Note that the Camp Mode affects the autonomy of your battery. You must therefore plan ahead so as not to find yourself without autonomy. Also, you should plan for accessories such as a camping side window shade and an air mattress adapted to your car model. You will find on Green Drive products adapted for camping Tesla model 3 at attractive prices.

Side window sunshade for camping Tesla model 3 on Green Drive

The side window sunshade for camping Tesla model 3 is a simple and effective solution. This device was designed with the best shade and privacy function on the market. No matter where you are camping, this sunshade fully performs its function and gives you a great space. The sunshades we offer on our store are compatible with all Tesla model 3 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 cars. The sun visor kit has 4 pieces to block the sun on the 4 windows of the 4 doors.

This will make your car's interior and cabin darker to enjoy a peaceful night. The window shade kit comes with suction cups for mounting, making installation easy. To install the shading material, you simply place the suction cups in the center of the sunshades and then glue them to the corresponding windows. Order your Tesla model 3 camping side window shades from Green Drive to enjoy a high quality product at an affordable price.

Buy your air mattress for Tesla model 3 on Green Drive

Got a trip coming up or just want to take a quick nap in your car? Make a bed in your Tesla by equipping your car with an inflatable camping mattress for Tesla model 3. The shape of the camping mattress is specially adapted to the unique shape of the trunk of the Tesla model 3. The air mattress we offer on Green Drive has reinforcements in the cushions.

It is also equipped with an electric inflator, which makes inflation quick and easy. To install your mattress, simply fold the rear seats horizontally. If you are a nature lover and own a Tesla model 3 car, you can easily enjoy the camping mode by ordering the camping accessories for the Tesla model 3. The delivery is fast and free from 150 euros of purchase. Remember also that all our products are guaranteed for 2 years.