Foam mattress for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y


Turn your Tesla into the ultimate camping experience with our comfortable memory foam mattress for Tesla!

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

Ideal for owners of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y who want to take advantage of the space inside their vehicle for a night under the stars.

As a specialist in accessories for Tesla we offer a whole range dedicated to camping in Tesla, whether for Tesla Model 3 or for Tesla Model Y.

Our range already has an inflatable mattress with an excellent quality-price ratio and a quite suitable comfort. However, for the adventurers looking for more comfort we have just developed our new high density foam mattress with memory foam.

Comfort at home, on the road

This high density memory foam mattress is designed to offer you the greatest comfort, wherever you are. With its soft black velour cover, you'll enjoy the comfort of a cozy bed, even on camping trips with your Tesla.

Designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Our mattress for Tesla has been carefully designed to fit perfectly inside Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y . With Velcro fasteners on the back, it easily attaches to the trunk carpet and backrest to ensure perfect stability at night.

Easy to store and transport

Thanks to its compressible foam, our mattress for Tesla can be easily stored in its included carrying bag. The included straps allow you to keep it compressed, maximizing storage space. Once in its bag, the mattress slips effortlessly into the undercarriage in the back of the car, ready for your next adventure.

Transform your travels with the Camping Mattress for Tesla

Add a new dimension to your travels and discover the true meaning of "camping for Tesla". Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a multi-week road trip, our foam mattress offers the comfort and convenience you need to make your Tesla your home away from home.

Ready for a new adventure? Order our camping mattress now for Tesla and turn your travels into a luxurious and comfortable camping experience!


Information :

Product includes mattress, cover and storage bag.

Sheets, pillows and comforter are not included in the product.

Installation :

The installation of the product is very simple. In the bag you will find 3 parts that make up the mattress. The parts with the cutouts to fit the contours of the trunk are the outer parts of the mattress. The third part, which is straight, is placed in the center to form the mattress.

The part of the mattress under the head is rigid to allow the mattress not to fall between the back of the folded back seat and the front seats. However, for more comfort do not hesitate to add the additional carpet for more comfort.



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