Front frunk LED trunk surround light for Tesla


Add a LED light in your front trunk / frunk on your Tesla. Our kit specially developed for Tesla is compatible with all vehicles: Tesla Model 3 2018 - 2020, Tesla Model 3 and Y 2021 and more as well as for Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X .

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    GreenDrive offers an LED lighting kit for your front trunk / Frunk from Tesla.

    This accessory will allow you to insert an LED light strip between the joint and the trunk of your Tesla to generate indirect light and illuminate the contour of the front trunk / Frunk.

    Drawing on our experience in developing parts for Tesla, we have designed a kit compatible with all Tesla models produced to date.

    Each kit includes 3 adapters for non-destructive connection to the car.

    You'll find :

    • Connection for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y from 2018 to 2020
    • Connection for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y from 2021 to today
    • Connection for Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X from 2012 to today.

    Attention not compatible with the new Tesla Model 3 Facelift Highland 2024+.

    The connection is made by a recovery system on the original system, no error is present on the car.

    This new LED strip technology creates a diffused light and can be recut at any point without risk of destroying the LED strip.


    Please note that there are several versions of this product.

    We offer 5 products in standard colors (blue, red, pink, white and icy blue) and 1 connected product (RGB) that can be controlled by phone using an application or the remote control supplied.

    The RGB version can be controlled via the"Tuya" app or the remote control supplied (battery not included for safety reasons when shipping by air).

    Tuya" application




    When installing single-color versions, be sure to connect the voltage conversion module between the button and the LED:


    Simple installation: simply remove the plastic part on which the front trunk / Frunk button is installed. Then plug in the LED strip in place of the button and use the additional plug to reconnect the trunk button.

    Technical specifications: 12V lighting


    Please note that this product is Plug&Play, i.e. it is non-destructive and requires no cutting or notching of cables. There are several products on the market, so be sure to choose a non-destructive one.


    • Reference 3701388108582


    • Compatibility Tesla Model 3 2019-2020
      Tesla Model 3 2021-2023
      Tesla Model S 2013-2020
      Tesla Model Y 2021-2023
    • Your Tesla Tesla Model 3
      Tesla Model S
      Tesla Model Y

    Specific references

    • ean13: 3701388108582
    • UPC: 722914

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