Magnetic Magsafe phone holder for Tesla Model 3 2024+ Highland


Discover our Magsafe-compatible or magnetic phone holder, specially designed for Tesla Model 3 2024+ Highland.

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    Product details

    The phone holder, specially designed for the Tesla Model 3 2024+ Highland, is compatible with iPhones equipped with MagSafe technology, as well as with other phone models thanks to an included circular magnet. Made from sturdy plastic, it integrates harmoniously into the dashboard of your Tesla Model 3 2024+ Highland, guaranteeing a secure hold for your cell phone.

    Installation is quick and easy, requiring no tools or modifications to the dashboard. Its elegant, discreet design perfectly complements the interior of your Tesla, while preserving its refined aesthetics.

    The plastic material used offers enhanced durability, effectively resisting knocks and scratches for maximum longevity.

    Compatibility: Exclusively for Tesla Model 3 2024+ Highland

    Materials: Plastic


    • Reference 3701388113913


    • Compatibility Tesla Model 3 2024+ (from October 2023)

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