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One of the biggest advantages of the Tesla Model Y is the storage space it offers. In addition to the interior, this car is designed with a front trunk and a rear trunk that are not always optimized for storing things. At Green Drive, we sell storage accessories and organizers at the best prices to make your Tesla Model Y vehicle more convenient and comfortable.

Organizers for the interior of your car Tesla Model Y

The interior of a Tesla Model Y is undoubtedly the first space in which you need to optimize storage. For this purpose, we propose a hidden storage for the armrest of your electric car. Practical and discreet, this plastic accessory accommodates the small objects you want to put in the vehicle without disturbing your driving experience. It is easily installed in your Tesla Model Y with adhesive strips. We will assist you with more information on how to set it up in your vehicle.

Our armrest organizer for Tesla Model Y allows for increased in-cabin storage in models that lack it. Green Drive provides you with a storage solution at a great price that installs without DIY. Simply place it in the armrest of your Tesla Model Y : the insertion is done naturally in your vehicle.

The armrest organizer is one of our easiest to clean storage accessories. It is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a material that has a good resistance to shocks. It was included in Tesla Model Y prior to 2021, but is no longer included in new models after 2021.

Storage accessories for the center console of the Tesla Model Y

Does your car need more center console storage? Opt for our center console organizer specially designed for the Tesla Model Y . Installing this storage box is simple and requires no modification to your car. Moreover, you can choose between 3 variants. We offer:

  • an accessory for older consoles of models from 2019 to 2020,
  • an organizer for the models designed from 2021 with the new center consoles,
  • an organizer for Tesla Model Y equipped with a USB connection.

The last variant we offer at the best price provides a slot for USB-A and USB-C ports.

A selection of storage for the interior of the doors

At Green Drive, we understand that every space in your Tesla Model Y deserves to be optimized. That's why we offer organizers and accessories for the inside of your car doors. These waterproof silicone accessories are easy to clean and fit perfectly on all four doors of the vehicle. Our team will be happy to help you with the installation of your organizers.

Tesla Model Y accessories for your trunk storage

The trunks of the Tesla Model Y offer enough space to store most of your belongings, but they are not optimized. Our KJUST fitted bags allow you to make full use of the vehicle's compartments. The travel bag for the Tesla Model Y is asymmetrical. This accessory line fits in the back seat of your car. An additional pocket is provided for easy access to your belongings throughout the trip. Their handles make them useful accessories for both the trunk and the plane (as hand luggage).

Do you want to optimize the trunk storage of your Tesla Model Y ? Choose one of our front trunk coolers for your vehicle! They are specially designed to cover the space available in this area and to keep your food fresh.

Green Drive offers high quality storage and organizers for sale at the best price to improve the living space in your car. You also get free shipping on purchases of 150 euros or more, no matter what pieces you add to your cart.