Carpet for Model Y

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The original carpet mats supplied by Tesla are not as easy to maintain. Moreover, you can easily damage the original carpet of your Tesla Model Y with your shoes, the loading of groceries or dirt like mud for example. To make your life easier, Green Drive offers designer floor mats for the passenger compartment, but also front and rear trunk mats for your car Tesla Model Y . We guarantee our customers high quality products at attractive prices.

Choose the trunk mats Tesla Model Y of Green Drive

The high quality Tesla Model Y trunk mats that we offer are your essential ally in protecting the front and rear trunk of your car Tesla Model Y . Our selection of durable materials ensures that the product will last a long time. Our superb trunk mats from Tesla Model Y have been developed with a thermoforming technique. These products fit perfectly in the trunk of the Y model and are a real protection against the elements that can dirty your electric car, such as sand, mud or snow. The front and rear trunk mats Tesla Model Y are odorless, waterproof and therefore easy to maintain. A simple wash with water is enough to keep this product clean.

3D carpets and interior floor mats Tesla model Y high end

The car Tesla Model Y comes with carpeted floor mats, the quality of which is quite good. However, depending on your use, this may not be enough, especially during the winter season. You will find a solution to this problem at Green Drive, as we also offer thermoformed 3D mats for the Y models of Tesla. These high quality, custom-made products provide a perfect fit. The 3D mats, which are only compatible with Tesla with a left-hand steering wheel, fit the inside of the carpet of your Tesla Model Y .

The matching 3D mats made of Green Drive will prevent dust or other dirt from getting on the carpet of your Tesla. For optimal protection of your car, choose our uniquely designed 3D mats. They have an anti-slip system that keeps the product in place and are easily washable with water. By ordering our accessories for Tesla, you benefit from a 2-year warranty andfast shipping of your products. You will also find on our store carpet or PVC floor mats for vehicles Tesla Model Y . These products are made in France and offer great durability and comfort.

Carpets adapted to your needs at affordable prices

Whether you choose the velour style carpet or the all-weather PVC mats, you will bring a premium touch to the finish of your Tesla Model Y . These car interior floor mats are only compatible with Tesla models from 2021 to today. These attractively priced products are also easy to maintain (hose down) and install. Directly adapted to the vehicle, you just have to place your floor mats Tesla Model Y at the feet of the seats and it's done. However, Green Drive is available to assist you in case of installation difficulties. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for more information.