Adapted and shaped 3D mats - Tesla Model Y


3D thermoformed mats for Tesla Model Y . Waterproof, resistant and perfectly adapted for your car to offer an ideal and complete protection of the interior of your Tesla.

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    Attention compatible only with Tesla with left hand drive. (left hand drive) 


    Are you an adventurer and going to travel with your new SUV? Are you afraid of dirtying your Tesla Model Y during all those road trips?

    GreenDrive has the solution!

    GreenDrive offers a new range of mats designed for Tesla Model Y, with the following advantages

    - Mats thermoformed to the dimensions of the Tesla Model Y. A perfect fit as well as an optimal protection thanks to the edges which go up.

    - A waterproof coating that allows it to contain dirt but also to be cleaned with water.

    - A solidity thanks to its rigid structure

    - An anti-slip system thanks to a scratch coating on the back of the product which ensures an ideal maintenance in its place

    Materials: Odorless plastic 

    Variant : 1

    Warranty: 2 years 

    To complete the protection of your Tesla Model Y we also offer a front trunk mat and a rear trunk mat.

    These two other products also use the thermoforming technique which allows an optimal protection by combining quality, durability and quality-price ratio.

    We can assist you if you have any difficulties with assembly!


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