Fins and spoilers for Model Y

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To optimize the performance or the visual aspect of your electric car Tesla Model Y on the road, the spoiler (or aileron in French) is one of the main accessories to install on the vehicle. The spoiler plays an important role in the aerodynamics of the Tesla Model Y when attached to its body. To find many models of spoilers for your Tesla Model Y , Green Drive is the seller to contact. You will easily find a custom made spoiler at a very good price for your Tesla Model Y .

Spoiler for Tesla Model Y : what is its function ?

The spoilers for Tesla Model Y that we offer allow you tooptimize the aerodynamics of your car. These carbon accessories manage the air flowing over the body when you drive. The spoiler for Tesla Model Y fluidifies the air flow downwards to keep the car on the ground and give it more stability, especially at very high speed. These body accessories are usually placed on the rear trunk of the Tesla Model Y . According to your needs of aesthetic and functional optimization of the bodywork, Green Drive offers several accessories at interesting prices in its category "Spoilers and Spoiler for Tesla Model Y ".

All our products are compatible with the models Tesla Model Y 2021-2022 and are manufactured by the best specialized brands of the market (DynoTec, CMST, DarwinPro AERO...). We offer the Performance spoiler model in carbon fiber almost identical to the original spoiler of the Model Y from Tesla. Green Drive also offers you the V1, V2, V3 categories for the carbon rear spoiler CMST®. You can also choose the DarwinPro iMP-Performance rear trunk spoiler from Tesla Model Y . These products for Tesla Model Y are easily installed by following the specialized guide we provide. We also provide all the additional accessories you need to make a proper spoiler assembly for Tesla Model Y .

Our carbon fins also bring a real aesthetic value to your electric car. They will delight all the amateurs of cars with a sporty look. The spoiler for Tesla Model Y elegantly extends the trunk of the car, giving an original, sporty and aggressive style to the accessory. Personalize and embellish your electric car Tesla Model Y giving it a taut rear line worthy of the greatest racing cars.

Enjoy quality at a low price with Green Drive

Because the purchase of a spoiler should be a long-lasting and efficient investment in every way, our spoilers for Tesla Model Y are mainly made of dry carbon. Whether it is fiber or not, the carbon used is stabilized to offer the best degree of purity and resistance. To do this, the carbon is autoclaved at high temperature in a pressurized chamber. Each spoiler is manufactured according to strict and detailed specifications which are carried out by our experienced experts. For each spoiler for Tesla Model Y , our specialized teams carry out a complete verification and control of the accessory's performance. This reassures us that the spoiler is of the highest quality before it is placed in stock and shipped.

The spoilers for Model Y that we offer for sale and delivery are guaranteed against yellowing and cracking. Do not hesitate to trust our expertise, because our catalog of spoilers is consequent and will continue to grow to suit the needs and desires of everyone. For more information on the categories of spoilers for Tesla Model Y offered, prices or installation tips, you can contact our customer service. Our team will be happy to help you customize your Tesla Model Y with our top quality carbon fins and spoilers.