Camping with your Model Y

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Since its official launch, the Tesla Model Y has won over many people thanks to its unique design, its autonomy and its exceptional performance. This electric car also has another very interesting feature. It is indeed possible to go camping with its Tesla Model Y . To do so, you need some essential accessories such as sunshades and a mattress. This is what Green Drive offers on its website specialized in the sale of car accessories for Tesla Model Y .

Sunshades for camping in the Tesla Model Y

If the electric vehicles Tesla have always aroused great interest from lovers of this brand, this has increased tenfold after the update made by the manufacturer. Several features have been added to certain models, including the Tesla Model Y . The latter now has a camping mode that allows you to keep the heating or air conditioning on while disabling the screen and leaving the USB ports on.

With this mode, you can go camping with your Tesla Model Y . You won't necessarily need to set up a tent anymore, since it is possible to sleep in the car. For this, you need a material like the sunshade that will prevent you from being disturbed by the sunlight in the morning when you wake up.

Green Drive we offer you different models of sunshades for camping in your Tesla Model Y . These include windshield sunshades and roof sunshades. We also have a kit of 4 thermal sunshades that allow you to block the side windows of your car Tesla Model Y . With this camping equipment, you can create more privacy inside your electric vehicle by making it darker for a peaceful and pleasant night.

Camping Tesla Model Y : our air mattresses for comfortable nights

Sunshades aren't the only accessories you'll need for successful camping with your Tesla Model Y . You will also need a mattress that offers excellent comfort. When you visit our site, you will find air mattresses specially designed for Tesla Model Y .

Made with odorless PVC, this material comes with an electric pump that promotes quick and easy inflation. Our inflatable camping mattress for Tesla Model Y has reinforcements in the cushions, which makes it very comfortable. You just have to install it on the folded back seat in the trunk of your Tesla Model Y for a great night of camping.

On Green Drive, the essential camping equipment for your Tesla Model Y

You now know where to find your camping accessories for Tesla Model Y . Green Drive offers you high quality products that have been tested and checked before being put on sale. Moreover, they are available at very competitive prices.

So don't hesitate to buy your sunshades and inflatable camping mattresses for Tesla Model Y on our site. We have a dynamic and competent customer service department whose sole mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction. They make sure that you receive your car accessories for Tesla Model Y as soon as possible. We also provide free delivery of your order of products for your electric car if it reaches 150 EUR.