Wallbox charger 22kw Juice Booster 2 Pack Easy for Tesla

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Simplify charging your Tesla with the Juice Booster 2 for Tesla. A versatile piece of equipment, which allows you to charge at home or on the move, at maximum power without limitation. Wallbox charger nomad, single and three phase, 22kw in reinforced and ultralight aluminum, waterproof (ip67), integrated electrical security, Apple and Android smartphone application - Juice France official product Juice Technology AG - Swiss manufacture guaranteed 2 years.

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    Product details

    What is the JUICE BOOSTER 2 ?

    - Portable charging station for electric vehicles
    - Power up to a maximum of 22 kW
    - Integrated differential device (DDR)
    - Fully automatic recognition of the adapter
    - Rolling resistance up to 3 tons wheel load, waterproof (IP67 rating) and temperature resistant (-25° to +45° Celsius)

    The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is a portable 22 kW charging station, which can also be used as a wall-mounted charging station with a specially designed wall bracket.

    A comprehensive range of adapters allows the electric vehicle driver to charge without thinking about it, anywhere in the world, in any domestic or industrial socket. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is connected to it by the JUICE CONNECTORwith connectors designed for the aerospace industry that are so strong you can even drive on them. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 automatically recognizes the required charging power.

    The portable charging station is waterproof, can withstand a wheel load of over 3 tons if you inadvertently drive over it, is ultra-light (only 1 kg) and compatible with all electric vehicles equipped with a Type 2 socket.

    What are the advantages of JUICE BOOSTER 2 ?

    First of all the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is versatile and practical. Indeed, it can be easily stored in the trunk of the car thanks to a specially designed carrying case, but it also offers versatility to the user because it allows a flexibility of use that the chargers delivered with the Tesla do not allow.

    Indeed this charger allows to recharge up to 22kw and accepts a large number of plugs (in option in addition to the one delivered). In the kit proposed above your JUICE BOOSTER 2 includes the portable charging station, a CEE 32 400V adapter (also known as a 3-phase red plug) and a CEE 7/7 Schuko adapter (also known as a domestic wall socket).

    This EASY kit will allow you to replace or complement your portable charger (UMC) delivered by Tesla with your Tesla Model S , Model X, Model 3 and Model Y, but it will also allow you to recharge in three-phase on red sockets, which only the portable chargers (UMC) of Tesla Model S and Model X are capable of doing

    That is to say that today, your portable charger of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y delivered with the car does not allow to charge in three phases and thus in 11kw. The only solution to use a red three-phase plug, is to take a charger of Model S and Model X of occasion, or for example to pass by a JUICE BOOSTER 2.


    Dimensions Diameter: 70 mm, Length: 225 mm
    Weight approx. 1 kg without cable; 3.2 kg with cable and connector
    Input current 230 V 6-32 A (single phase) or 400 V 6-32 A (three phase) AC
    Power output Depending on input current: 1.4 - 22 kW AC
    Color Anthracite Metallic Cable: Black
    Operating temperature 25°C to +45°C
    CE conformity IEC 62752, 62196, 61851, Mode 2/3, EMC, RoHS
    Protection class - FI - safety IP67 - DC 6 mA, AC/DC 30 mA residual current circuit breaker
    Plug on the mains side 25 self-sensing adapters for household, industrial and vehicle sockets, cable 1.4 m + adapter approx. 30 cm
    Vehicle-side connector Type 2/Type 1 (IEC 62196), Cable length: 3.1 m


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