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KJUST supplier and European leader of custom made luggage and baggage kits for trunk Tesla.

KJUST is a Polish company specialized in the manufacture of luggage kits and custom-made suitcases in order to perfectly fit the design of each car. The goal is to optimize the space of the car trunk to allow an optimized loading. Whether you are going on a trip or simply looking for a bag or bags, KJUST luggage is an ideal tool to optimize the space in the trunk of Tesla.

Thanks to its experience, KJUST has succeeded in developing kits for many cars, including Tesla. It is an excellent company that manufactures handbag kits to allow maximum loading of the trunks of your cars.

KJUST becomes your ideal and favorite accessories. The luggage is made of nylon and can be folded after use. After your trip the various bags, luggage and suitcases will take up very little space when folded and stored

Make your trunk space optimized whether you are going on a vacation with family or friends, KJUST bags will take up much less space than traditional bags.

Products are available for Tesla Model 3 , Tesla Model S , Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model X , check out different variants of bags, luggage, suitcases are available and different kits are offered. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us directly.