Roof sunshade for Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2021+


Two-piece roof sun visor for Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2021+. Keep the heat out of the passenger compartment with this specially designed sunshade.

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    Product details

    Optimize your comfort aboard your Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2022+ with our sunshade specially designed for the glass roof. Although this roof offers a breathtaking view, it is sometimes necessary to protect yourself from UV rays and the intense heat of the sun. Our product not only reduces air-conditioning consumption, but also limits heat build-up when parking.

    Installation :

    Simply unfold the sunshade and position it on the ceiling. You'll find a front and rear part, which is clearly marked on it. Then slide the inserts into the space between the glass and the inside of the roof. Then join the two parts with the specific inserts. In just a few seconds, you'll have effective shading!

    Quality materials :

    • UV-resistant fabric
    • Sturdy metal frame
    • Durable plastic fasteners


    Designed exclusively for Tesla Model S LR & Plaid 2022 and later versions.

    Guaranteed assistance:

    Having trouble with installation? We'll be happy to guide you and ensure perfect installation.

    Thermal protection included:

    A thermal protector is included in the product, to be placed between the glass and the sunshield to reduce heat as much as possible.

    Video installation instructions :

    The video below shows the example on a Tesla Model Y , the two-part sunshade system is identical for Tesla Model S .

    Make the most of your Tesla while being protected from the elements with our top-of-the-range sunshield.


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    • Compatibility Tesla Model S 2021 +

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