Large capacity under-cabinet cooler for Tesla Model Y


Optimize your driving and travelling experience with your Tesla Model Y by exploiting an often overlooked space: the underbody. Discover our large-capacity cooler, perfectly adapted to maximize storage and space.

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    Discover our custom-designed cooler, which fits perfectly into the underfloor compartment of your Tesla Model Y trunk. Its design is simple and effective, ensuring an ideal fit to maximize storage space. Two handles are provided at the top for easy insertion and removal.

    Whether you're going on a long trip, a weekend getaway or returning from shopping, this cooler is ideal for keeping food and drinks cool. The cooler's temperature setting range extends from +10°C to -22°C, and you can choose the exact temperature you want using the buttons on the cooler or via the Bluetooth app.

    Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can control your cooler from your Android or iOS smartphone. Set the temperature to within 1°C via the integrated touchscreen. Its Max/Eco mode gives you the flexibility of accelerated cooling or optimized energy consumption according to your needs.

    Why buy this cooler from GreenDrive?

    At GreenDrive, we select and develop our products with the specific needs and regulations of our European customers in mind. The cooler we offer uses R1234yf refrigerant gas, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to R134a. Unlike thermoelectric models, our GreenDrive cooler is a true compressor cooler, operating on the same principle as a refrigerator.

    As such, it offers an operating temperature range from +20 to -20°C, unlike thermoelectric coolers which are limited to a range of +20 to around 7/5°C and can run into difficulties in hot weather.

    Technical specifications:

    • Capacity: 35 liters
    • Size: 86cm x 57cm x 46 cm
    • Weight: 14.5 kg
    • Performance: +20°C to -20°C in 30 minutes
    • 2-year warranty


    Installing the cooler is very simple. Simply plug the cooler into the 12-volt socket in the trunk.


    Errors and solutions:

    F4 error, cause of failure:

    1. There's too much refrigerant in the compression system, internal piping pressure is too high, and 2. Ambient temperature too high, compressor internal operating pressure too high, and 3. The compressor's internal rotor jams due to vibration, oil leaks, etc., and start-up fails.

    Problem-causing phenomenon :

    1. The refrigerator has been powered up several times, and each time it has been powered up, it has reported an F4 fault.

    2. After the refrigerator has been running for some time, the display frequently reports an F4 fault.


    The first phenomenon, caused by the compressor or compressor controller, needs to be repaired:

    Check that the ambient temperature is above 40'c and that there are no obstructed air ducts around the fridge.Switch the power off and on for 30 minutes, then restart the fridge. After 3 minutes, check if the side condensation fan is working to dissipate heat.

    If the ambient temperature is above 40°C, or if the refrigerator is often in an environment above 40°C during operation, it can only be used normally once the temperature has been lowered below 40°C. If the environment is at normal temperature or below 40°C, check that the condensation fan is operating correctly.


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