Side camera protection in carbon for Tesla Model S , X, 3 and Y

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Side camera cover in carbon, to be glued directly onto the camera.

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    Not compatible with Tesla Model 3 from 2021 to 2023 and Tesla Model Y from 2021 (no chrome around windows) : LINK HERE

    We present our carbon side camera protection kit, specially designed for Tesla Model S, x, 3 and Y. These elegant covers are not only an aesthetic addition, they also protect your side cameras from the elements.


    • Not compatible with Tesla Model 3 (2021-2023) and Tesla Model Y (from 2021) chrome-free around windows.
    • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 Facelift Highland (2024+, from October 2023).
    • Compatiblewith Tesla Model 3, , Model S and Model X until 2020

    Product features

    • Materials: Dry carbon fiber.
    • Installation: Easy with pre-applied adhesive strips.
    • Kit: Includes 2 pieces to cover the two side cameras.

    Advantages of dry carbon fiber

    Dry carbon fiber is renowned for its strength, lightness and elegance. It offers exceptional durability while maintaining a refined aesthetic. This choice material won't weigh down your vehicle, while giving it a sporty, modern look.


    To install these protections :

    • Clean the area around the side cameras thoroughly.
    • Remove the protective film from the adhesive strips.
    • Position the protectors, aligning them carefully and pressing firmly to ensure good adhesion.

    Why choose our product?

    By choosing our carbon camera protectors, you're opting for a product that combines functionality and aesthetics. Ideal for carbon fans, this kit is a simple and effective way of adding a personal touch to your camera Tesla.

    Compatibility Compatible product
    Tesla Model 3 2019-2020
    Tesla Model 3 2021 + LINK
    Tesla Model Y 2021 + LINK
    Tesla Model S 2012 - 2020
    Tesla Model S 2022 + LINK
    Tesla Model X 2016-2020
    Tesla Model X 2022 + LINK
    Tesla Model 3Highland from 2024

    Leaves no trace or residue on take-off.

    We can help you if you have any assembly problems!


    • Reference 3701388100487


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    Specific references

    • ean13: 3701388100487
    • UPC: 179895

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